Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Continuing my posts of work from my own back catalog, here's one of our collective faves from our discography. Drug Bubbles was both the final document of the first phase of VDO's career (after which Matt would return to New Orleans from Dallas and initiate his solo Muz project, Doug Ferguson (R.I.P.) would turn his attentions to work on Yeti, David Fargason would join Liquid Sound Company and I'd undertake work on the first of Sound's two albums) and also represented a fundamental alteration in our usual approach, with tracks concatenated together into a dream logic pastiche from berserk live jams rather than painstakingly assembled layer by layer. Hard to know what the hell possessed us at the time (and it DOES sound possessed), but nearly 10 years after the fact, the resulting amalgam now sound like some sort of cosmic surrealist synth punk to these ears. Now there's a genre thats just waiting for someone to seize the mantle and run with it, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Thanks.

Here's a suggestion for you regarding the covers at angles. Take it or leave it as you wish.

Try photographing them on a white background with enough light that you don't need the flash (perhaps even outdoors?). Don't point the source directly at the cover and you shouldn't get any glare, because you're still getting lots of it even at an angle -- great example is the back cover photo of this album ("Drug Bubbles"). Then you can cut it and photoshop it on black for the jpg if it must be dark behind it and alleviate the need for a scanner. The idea is to reflect the light back around your person out of colour rather than to have the reflective surface of the subject reflecting it at the lens and causing glare, as black absorbs all the light around it and exacerbates the issue.

Anonymous said...

hi Eric, even though I'm one of the lucky folks to own original copies of all your releases to date, I'm very glad for the impoverished ears of other mutants out there that you reversed your decision to not use MS for "self promotion". The VDO backcatalogue (and production work that might as well be your albums too) is getting more & more scarce out there and music as great as what you guys have done ought to get as much exposure as possible. This one is one of the few that still pops up on ebay every so often, so downloaders buy it if you see it! It's definitely one of the upper eschelon recordings in the VDO ouevre. I've been on a Yeti/Ohm/DF (RIP) kick lately and that stuff is almost too good to describe. Thanks for steering me that direction. How 'bout them Jallopy LPs to blow some mutants' minds?

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Work of mad Guinness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

noisenik said...

Fantastic stuff! Now that I have CD, Mr. Lumbleau, do you plan any vinyl re-press? Oh, and will the new VDO album be released on vinyl?

Anonymous said...

Please please please post "Suspension"!!!

vdoandsound said...

doc kwan-thanks for the kind words as usual, and sorry for taking a few days to say so here. Things have been mighty hectic of late. Keep your eyes peeled, as the Jaloppy material (both the debut split LP with VDO and the Owner's Manual LP) will be forthcoming at some point in the next month or two.

noisenik-thank ye, but nope...no plans are afoot for any vinyl reish of this one at this time. That said, the new VDO album "Keep Shoving Those Double-Thick Slices Of Electric Salad Down My Throat" will be out (most likely) circa January, alongside the debut LP by Shits And Giggles, our new band with Ariel Pink.

Anonymous 1-Thanks for that.

Anonymous 2-Suspension, along with the other material by us and related projects on Beta-Lactam Ring won't be making any appearances on MS, as I have no desire to either lock horns with Chris Mcbeth nor to promote his label.

vdoandsound said...

Keef-Oh...and thanks to you as well for the kind words. Sorry I've not been relying point for point to your recent spate of technical suggestion commentaries, but this last month has been insane and I just didn't possess the energy to try and argue my case on the various points you've raised, re camera work and lighting, letters and symbols to avoid in downloads for windows users, indexing and the myriad other points you've raised.
That doesn't mean I've not been listening, though. Nice that you evidently care enough to spend the time to hash through the technical minutiae of our site.

fuzztunnel said...

Hmmm... that's a pity that there's bad juju regarding "Suspension." I absolutely adore that album and it would be great for more folks to hear it. I greatly enjoy a lot of VDO's stuff but I think that one is truly important.

Also very exciting to hear about upcoming new releases. What labels will they be on?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your music, vdoandsound - it's top stuff!
best wishes

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