Friday, October 24, 2008

Rick Crane-A Long Week In Houston,tape,1982(?),UK

Absolutely fantastic and totally unknown first attempt by a guy called Rick Crane(not to be confused with the well known country-pop artist),who later released a couple of tapes for Colin Potter's ICR label in 1983(coming very soon).I think this one is from 1982. Floating space electronics ,experimental in some parts, that would really appeal to all Berlin school electronics fans.2 side long pieces, one totally instrumental , the other one featuring taped voices , inspired probably by the masterpiece movie "2001, a space odyssey".Absolutely stunning.Thanks Peter!

get it here


sack lunch said...

wow, beaaautiful. can't wait to hear the next stuff

Anonymous said...

what a treat! thnx for posting!

Anonymous said...

This tape is amazing! Furthermore, the blog is great!

Do you know any other artist that released similar weird space synth stuff like Rick Crane?

Also, is there any particular blog posting these obscure gems? I know of No longer forgotten music, but I'm not familiar with the rest... I found A Long Week in Houston on aforementioned blog, but the rest of Rick Crane discography I found here!

I'll try to get these tape on Eu Records, though they're a little expensive :)

Thanks on good music!