Wednesday, October 1, 2008

White-I denna samling,LP,1979,Sweden

Great prog rock from Sweden with nice guitar work,poor vocalparts though. The punk/new wave and some hard rock influences are obvious in some parts .It would be unfair not to mention the wonderfull sleeve art.

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Anonymous said...

Very intriguing looking LP, especially the cover. So much good instrumental music is ruined by bad vocals, especially prog - sometimes it's a small mercy that the lyrics aren't in English. Thanks again for shedding some light upon such forgotten and interesting music.

Totentanz Total said...


I like your blog. What about blog-link-exchange? Are you interested?

Have a nice night..

Anonymous said...

hi. i love your blog. just added you to my links section. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hello mutant sounds, do you have a group called Between Einstieg, their first album, thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi, back to 2007:
in the huge collection post titled:
"songs for a party on a mutant beach"


great great song!!!
any info about this one?
can u post some of their materials?


Anonymous said...

Eric, Please come back! It feels like you too have taken a loooooooong vacation from the blog. And huge welcome back to you, Jim!

Anonymous said...

awesome blog man!


add me later


Anonymous said...

pretty sure they're speaking/rambling in danish over the songs.. and the titles are also in danish... (except the ones in german). Mr mutant, I'm confused, any additional infö on this gem?

Anonymous said...

sigh* Sorry bout that, I thought I had White loaded but it was die Garantien - der Harmonie und Freiheit...:CI (420:d I guess). just ignore that post about the danish stuff.