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DXM (Deus Ex Machina)-SAD,tape,1987,Israel.

Excellent dark electronics tape from Israel this time. The title tells it all....sad electronic chants ,sometimes touching the edges of early 80s industrial bands ,much reminding some 80s Legendary Pink Dots recordings, and even L'aventure Imaginaire. Here's some infos on the band (some letters may not be readable as this is copy -paste containing hebrew characters):
"DXM (Deus Ex Machina) Founded in 1984 by four young Israeli members: Yariv Alter, Ronen Hoffman, Doron Solomons and shmulik Berkovich. The band led the way as soon as early storm media (mostly in Tel Aviv), they performed with a first gig titled "industrial phase" in "Penguin Club", used in all kinds of tools and industry as a music instrument. Despite the interest Shawerra, this was a one-time appearance.The tape, their first, RIP ( "rest in peace") absorption band between 1984 and -1985. Ronen Hoffman recorded the video tape recorder in his simple, except for one segment, Shauklt live. Subtitle Haakltat to define it as - "Industrial Dead Music" ( "Industrial music died"), the band Cirpha Note: "DXM did not intend to harm the feelings of anyone, nor to express some kind of opinion, political or social". For more information Hapnatha the band δξΰζιο interested to Piqtibita in Gaza ... Port not what any of the authors of the band played, but Puerto tools: metal, Mkedhota, Karen, a church bell, Tibetan dog, motor car, telephone, hairdryer, etc. ... included an hour of music and media difficult, especially where a song ballet renowned icons: "Iron Suffering", a combination of small-mail Playback organized by Xiu), Drill Oseokoat fracture. March 1985 was Haakltat light, limited editions Arroza manual, Obotepha special, that looked like snake skin, designing an adverse Alter.In July 1985, left the video tape called "Coma Live", documented the appearance of the band Ev"ak Clnoa Dan ". Haakltat, in black and white art, Hahapkoat was left in the band, "NIF".The audio tape of the second band, We Knew, came out in October 1985. It included only two sections, which lasted for about -18 minutes together, I sounded more like "Music" and less "noise" ξχεγξιδν. Bahkelta Hatarah Hagytrista Ili Hollander.In 1986, shortly after the attempted function band multi Participants (with keyboarder Abshi money, and more Hagytrista Ili Hollander), became a DXM Eshleshiyah, Cshlaletr Hoffman joined Ngniat Czech Karni Pustl him. Evakltat Sahuceah band at the end of that year, Faceless, Hataarho also Doron Solomons Ueeli Doron (as usual, with no graded credit). Haakltat included 60 minutes of music, along with Sholka "synthetic" along with "organic", in most sections in Weiatra band on the industrial sound harsh, in favor of songs Dycauniat murky atmosphere, Otopha Abambeint quiet, depressed Cncayati often.During the 1987 absorption band tape an additional 60 minutes, DXM Blues. The band, strengthening Ili Hollander guitar, absorption renewal Eshira "Garden", from the Faceless, his original tune to sing "Night ΰμιμιν" of Esrnihovsky Sol, a new song called "Nobody" and more. The band members decided to shelve the tape, parts Oshilbou just a few steps from αδτχεϊιδν.In late 1987 the band has video tape called "A Temporaray Video", long 30 minutes. Haakltat included a combination of video - εχμιτιν art, colored in black and white. Of Haakltat won Hakelif singing "Nobody" in second place in the competition δχμιτιν film festival in Haifa.At the beginning of 1988 the band took the tape Sad By DXM, that contained a 46-minute party to Shachclko between "positive" next to "negative". Haakltat showed much improved level of writing, recording performance of the band Shazra be Rebieyah. And a breakdown of participants was more accurate: Yariv Alter (poetry, Bass, Guitars, Ί ????? εΰτχθιν, including asthma effect "), Ronen Hoffman (rhythm, too, the sound background, ρξτμψιν), Eyal Doron (bass) Ukrni Pustl (cello , Shira Ukoloat background). Despite its name, and also continued to be the general line of musical recordings's previous band, SAD was a little less depression, and included even a carol, Mawi δτΰαιν UK: "What do Eamelh drunk". However most of the material was, as usual, quite black, somewhat reminding of what has done more compact minimal success abroad.During that period began DXM win media attention in a more Oulbicoroat Mfrganota. She passed the impressions of the few However, just as "together", and spending more on the side of the visual show. At the end of 88 'band has more tape - Single, The Down, with four songs (C -13 minutes). Haakltat divided free and 100 who came to be the first band Ev"c Wta ", Tel Aviv, in October 1988. 46 minutes of the show were recorded video I Naive By DXM, she left in February 1989.Live joined the four members of the band (Alter, Hoffman, Doron Ofustl) three guests: Phone ςξιψο drums, Ori Kaplan αρχρετεο Ueraz crystal tenor guitar another. The band announced (on the cover Haakltat) that all revenue Mmchiratha Iukedshu paying a fine Shatele her municipality of Tel Aviv, for illegal advertising of the show. The show Ev"c Wta "recorded on video, and left at the end of 1989 Evakltat video.DXM absorption first songs in April 1989, on the occasion of the opening in the evening emergence of "a week of poetry" The first, held in the courtroom "China House". Absorption is the Ehanyah to two songs of the poet Ali Hirsch: "My Mother" Ou"m Semor number three ". Songs came out of the video I named Ali Hirsch audio, and video I also video, "Ali Hirsch live," documented the Hashira Evoa show "Step".Ahuhtamha DXM at the end of 1989 to record the "Third Ear", Sharza re-band, six cassettes, and marketing them in multiple copies, slightly bigger than the original independent marketing.In 1990 left the band Elmaofo one time called "Art Rock", which were integrated into the videos - art from the world, sections of the film and sea Onders, "Angels in my name Berlin". That same year, the band has created another tape, but decided to shelve it to concentrate on what has become the first albums to disk.The first disc of DXM, Grin, came out in 1993 Bahpka shared the "Third Ear" Ou"e Eno disc ". This album Shilb songs "simple," beautiful Alethoar Awngerdy Evakeay, jazz, hip - hop, rock Abalktronika, in English and Hebrew. Between sections Belto "Sweet Corner", "California Cashier", "velvet", "fetch" Ou"e nice here now ". First album that is not properly tape, was any reference in a completely different level Gaimoar Mbabar. The album Naraz Barrizat cardboard beautiful, with a booklet and photographs, and credits that were arranged entirely by Ronen Hoffman singing, organized, τθιτεπιν, and ριξτεμιν; ΰμθψτιο opponent (he added the name of his company to its design) singing, Ί ?????, and guitar; Eyal Doron Evvs Ukuntrvs; Karni Pustl Bdgymota Ouc voice 'to him; and Uri Kaplan αρχρετεο tenor Uelt. Recording the album guests attended, among them Ruth Rosenfeld singing, Yoram Bar guitar, Joseph χετεμεαιυ 'αρξτεμιν and more.The album was when he left rival Alter in the Netherlands, stay there until the end of the decade. Ronen Hoffman worked the same period a store records of the "Third Ear". He continued musical activity, but no longer as part of DXM although often played with the band members. The other partners in the training of the band continued to engage in music, especially the Karni Pustl, Israeli music fit in well, players αδψλαιν Ochsolanita"

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Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks. My compliments to the uploader!

Anonymous said...

Listening to the first track right now, and I gotta say, quite nice

Anonymous said...

great stuff
i actualy have this(and a couple more)tape of theirs but this one is the best one
an israely friend have told me the guy has died recently

navethechimp said...

This has been one of my favorite releases I have found in years! Please ^^^ any thing extra that could be made publicly available on the internet would be so greatly appreciated! This obscurity must not die!

Anonymous said...

can you put your hands on the first tape, R.I.P?
an upload of that would be simply great!!!

Anonymous said...

¿Hay alguna otra grabación de esta banda?, son excelentes! si alguien de por aquí me puede dar mas información sobre ellos se lo agradecería mucho!

erandinar said...

More on this fantastic band + 2hr retrospective radio special and interview from 1989 (in hebrew), here:

Thanks for acknowledging this rare gem.