Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Following my post of their third and final album Tappeto Volante (as well as Jim's post of Aktuala member Lino Capra Vaccina's "Antico Adagio" LP and Spacefreak's post of the related project Telaio Magnetico) here's the debut outing by this band of Italian mages dating from the period before Trilok Gurtu joined their ranks; their blissed, blasted and acutely attuned acoustic astral excursions tapping a vein of tranquil psychedelic knowing thats poised between the ethno-tripping end of the krautrock spectrum ala Embryo, Between and Agitation Free's Malesch and the exploratory acoustic probings of American outfits like Entourage Music and Theater Ensemble, Arica and Seventh Sons.
Get it via Rapidshare here


Dokimos said...

looking forward to this, thanks!

Unknown said...

one of my favourite italian albums ever, don't miss it!

admin said...

Oh Yes! Absolutely perfect. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

much love for this

Anonymous said...

Anyone loving AKTUALA should really explore Trilok Gutu`s music as well, incl OREGON , of course,... & CODONA !

I personally always adore this genre of music (whatever one may call it ?) which includes THIRD EAR BAND , BETWEEN, Futuro Antico, etc !!

... anyways nice post !

WHY is this stuff not in print ? it`s a crime

uttering the names Arica and Seventh Sons together seems rather heretical to me , (as SS is mostly truly mediocre ,.... however , ARICA *is* stupendous , even Gawdhead of it`s class!

am digging The Entourage stuff

thanks for postin` that , man