Thursday, October 23, 2008


This exceptional slice of lost Aussie underground experimentation was both produced by Laughing Hands (whose phenomenal tape "Nights" I posted last week) and issued by the same cassette label that released Nights, namely Rash. The sonic terrain staked out by The Invisible College is a slippery one; their approach leaving the listener suspended in a nocturnal no-man's land between the more rhythmically driven end of Randy Greif's spectral fourth world inversions, Ashra's percolatingly buoyant guitar and synth sequence-y interweavings and the eerie post punk instrumental wanderings of The Anti Group. Some genuinely striking work here that falls between many poles and is all the better for it.

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Anonymous said...

In the interests of historical accuracy Invisible College is Ian Russell and Paul Schütze. We posed under pseudonyms to prove a theory we had about a particular music journalist. When reviewing this album alongside the Laughing Hands album EE (which cunningly arrived on his desk the same day), the fool wasted valuable column inches advising (us) Laughing Hands to listen and learn from the wonderful example set by (us) Invisible College. Nothing changes!
Keep up the good work.
Paul Schütze

vdoandsound said...

Paul-I'm delighted to see you commenting here! Thanks for the clarification, the amusing anecdote and the kind words. Very interesting to read...

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
you're a legend! And thanks, vdoandsound, for posting this Invisible College tape, very cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again --

Some helpful information ... the files that start off "._" mess with non-Mac operating systems. So does ending a folder with a "_" .

Anonymous said...

Love listening to this!, thanks.

Unknown said...

Great blog here, man. Can you re-up The Luxury of Horns tape, please?

carlomante said...

Any chance to re-up, please?
Thank you.