Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Micah - I'm Only One Man ,LP,1970,USA

Great and totally unknown prog/psych rock from USA. Wonderfull organ work,sidelong tracks with amazing passages.A trully forgoten and underrated gem.
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fuzztunnel said...

??? !!!
So glad you're back, Jim.

Anonymous said...

This one looks really interesting and incredibly obscure; is it a private pressing? Thankyou!

Anonymous said...

george, private on Sterling Award. this is a 4 figure album. extremely rare. oh, and yea, awesome record. fantastic organ and guitar

ufo said...

thanks once again for your efforts in digging up lost treasures.....another one almost lost now found (to me at least.)

Anonymous said...

ok I like very much MICAH , great keyboards and living music ! Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

I have listened better ! you know that you found a really bomb ! Apart the voice which is 'nt the Jon Anderson ' s voice ( of course ! ) , it s as killer as the first YES all along ( or the better SUGAR LOAF) !
a real killer !!
If ever you find a day another gem like that ( but it s not sure ), I ' ll always the most interested !

Anonymous said...

This lives up to some pretty high standards. Great vibes. Awesome lyrics. Drumming = hot. Bass = tight. Hammond is out of control. Did any of these guys ever play on another rec after this? THANKS!

johnv said...

This is a real buried treasure--thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My husband was in this band (guitar). The album was recorded in one day with vocals the second day. It could have been better if they had more time to track it and use their own equipment. They had to use cheesy studio amps. It was a limited press and was never released. He has an unopened album, along with about 15 45's of the single plus two band promo pix. We are thinking about listing on eBay.

Thanks -

Anonymous said...

Another thing, my husband's Bio and some videos are on our website:

Charlene said...

This really IS a VERY RARE album. The music on the album is live - it is the engineer's recording and unmastered - these musicians were THAT GOOD!

The album is a true anomaly - it was only partially completed when it was pressed and released; the second side was not finished. It is not clear how many copies were actually produced - rumor is only about 1000-1200.

There are also a couple of very rare "Micah" promo pictures of the members of the band which may or may not have been included when the album was released.

Gary Taylor Ohlson who played the ripping Hammond B3 organ on this album is most definitely still playing and composing. He can be on MySpace, Facebook and Reverbnation:!/gary.t.ohlson.

Information on when Gary Taylor Ohlson and Martin Horne played in the Hardstone Farm Band is available on Facebook.

Micah was a phenominal band with pure raging talent and way ahead of other groups in the progressive rock arena at the time.

Charlene said...

The Micah band has a Facebook page. Additional information and band photos can be found here: