Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Spluttery and spare, the output of this obscure Swiss crew (featured on the V/A-Point Of Yucca CD that I posted with my last round) intriguingly sways between several naif poles, notably those that temper their synthetic plink-plonk melodic sense with a counterweight of moody sound washes ala Steve Thomsen, Sebastian Gandera, Famlende Forsok and Jac Berrocal circa his Nato label output. As was the case with the Point Of Yucca CD, this is featured here courtesy of blog friend Roger.

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railroadross said...

I want more

cbren said...

I remember this band from the old

red garlic said...


I like to inform that all the Diledadafish music is still available.
I would be happy if you would order these cds at Yucca Tree Records (instead or in addition of downloading here). You get an unique piece of music made by the most unkown Swiss combo.

Special price if you use the code "no download" in the order form (comments).


red garlic
(Yucca Tree Records)

PS: to the mutants: thank you for publishing my music (it's OK :-)