Saturday, February 3, 2007

Ame Son - Catalyse,LP,1970,France (NWW list!)

(alternative cover)

Ame Son Were One Of The Earliest Prog Bands To Cross-Polinate Free Jazz With Psychedelic Music, Especially On Their Full-Length "Catalyse," Released In 1970. Many Tracks Begin In An Avant Free-Form Jam That Eventually Develop Into More Structured Song And Rhythm, With Lyrics In Either French Or English, And Then Slips Back Into Another Wild Free-Form Freak-Out. Prominent Flute, Drugged-Out Vocals, And Fuzzed-Up Electric Guitar Lend This A Definite Late-'60s Underground Vibe, Though Because Of The Originality Of The Material And The Quality Of Musicianship, It Doesn't Sound Dated Like Similar Releases From That Era.


Unknown said...

amazing, simply amazing

Anonymous said...


An LP from my youth I always wanted to check out, but did not have a chance to until now.


Marc (Canada)

Anonymous said...

This is why I love mutant sounds - 1 minute from "that sounds interesting, but I'll never hear it" on Gibraltar to having a listen courtesy of yourselves. Now if there was a place to get it legit, that would be my next step now.

Thanks heaps.

boogieman said...

Jeez !, je les avais completement oublié ceux-là. Faut que je retrouve mes vieux Actuel ...
Your blog is a treasure chest! Une caverne d'Ali Baba. Makes me feel like a one-eyed cat in a sea-food store.

Bilek said...

Amazingly, the link's still active... Thanks for sharing this rare gem. Hopefully I'll find a lossless rip one day, too :)