Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tokyo Kid Brothers-Golden Bat,LP,1970,Japan,NWW list

Monster Japanese cult underground experimental rock. Also known under the title “Golden Bat”, this was Tokyo Kid Brothers first album. Almost all of the albums they churned out during the late seventies and eighties are completely crap, but their initial period from 1971 till 1973 is just great. Psychedelic Dada-ism, theatrical lysergic pleasures, demented fuzz intersections, wild keyboard playing by Hiro Yanagida (Food Brain, Sato Masahiko & Soundbreakers, Milk Time, etc) demented choruses, female wailing crescendos, rural esoteric fertility rite like incantations, exorcist ritualistic tribal stomping, totally insane one liners, heavy bass shifting, heavy guitar licks, psychedelic mayhem, crazy stage action etc, just one great psyched out cabaret/rock opera recorded live in concert in 1971 and released that same year. Content-wise this album wouldn't even sound strange in a post 9/11 climate, criticizing American popular culture, taken a piss with the grandeur and the unrelenting post-colonial attitude of dissolving non-Western cultures the largest powerbase in the world got famous for. The Kid Brothers already tackled this madness in 1971. But apart from that the music is stellar. If you like the psyched out dementia of Jashumon era Tenjosajiki and J.A. Seazer madness than this jewel has written you all over it. Extremely rare since these babies sold very poorly at the time. Comes housed in a great gimmick petal-like fold out jacket. Highest possible recommendation if you are into demented wild Japanese psychedelia of the early seventies spiked up with a theatrical feel, like sitting through an acid trip and trying to keep your senses nicely lined up without getting lost in the dissolving canyons of your mind.
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musicgnome said...

Okay. Since you began this blog, I have went back and inventoried my NWWL Wishlist to determine which items were still among the missing.

First, the number of items I was seeking have DRASTICALLY dropped due to your generosity. And, to clarify...by "Dropped", I mean, I no longer need to imagine what this music is sounds like, but I do still seek to add these items to my collection.

Secondly, you've just posted 4 NWWL items, today alone, which were among the missing. UN-freakin'-BELIEVABLE!!!!!

You continue to have an uncanny ability to not only post amazing music, but also provide listening experiences, that most of us mere mortals could only dream.

My SINCERE thanks,

Over The Moon said...

I agree with you, musicgnome. I think today's update of new things is the best update since the start of the Mutant Sounds blog! Every day has been awesome.

musicgnome said...

Correction: Make that 5 items. Geeeez!!!

FM SHADES said...

musicgnome & Mutant,,,, if you guy's have every album from the nww list someone should make a torrent file of all of those albums... Mp3 of course,, and post it on one of the torrent sites like Oink or something like that. Would be amazing to spread that around. I can beleive how many people I've talked to who think half of those bands are fake on the list.

anyhow, an idea.

mutantsounds said...

dear fmshades
that's a good idea ...but...er...hmm...i do not have them all...i miss about 10-15 albums....besides mking it so easy for someone to find them all the mgick and mystery of this legendary list will be gone....and that would be bad....

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you.
today has been the best day yet.
do you also have "Throw Away the Books, Lets Go into the Streets"?

Over The Moon said...

that's a good idea ...but...er...hmm...i do not have them all...i miss about 10-15 albums....besides mking it so easy for someone to find them all the mgick and mystery of this legendary list will be gone....and that would be bad....

I agree with you Mutant Sounds. Making it too easy would not be good. If you make it too easy, the person on the receiving end couldn't possibly appreciate the music nearly as much.

Look at all the searching NWW itself did, to find those obscure LPs. To just give those LPs away in one file would defeat the purpose and beauty.

Also, that would be one HUGE file, if it contained every NWW list LP. I think there's around 300 names on the list, so figure 300 multiplied by 70MB (average) per file. That's 21 Gigabytes!

Over The Moon said...

Mutant Sounds,

Can you let us know which LPs on the list you don't have? Maybe I/we can help out.



magick mike said...

First of all, this is the most amazing music blog that I've ever encountered... not only are you posting amazing, rare, stuff, but you're also posting it at an incredibly rapid speed. I just wanted to say thank you. Also, to anonymous above, if Mutant Sounds doesn't have it, I could upload it for you, just leave a message over in my blog or something...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I been following this unbelievable blog every day. I'm must thank you...:)
So many gems from 70's and 80's experimental music (anda also from prog, kraut, psychadelic music. There's one thing I'm looking, particularly from the NWW list, a long time ago: Rothm, Rühm and Wiener- Berliner Dichterworkshop [1973 on Edition Hansjörg Mayer]
Tell me that you have this:) best wishes and keeping going.

mutantsounds said...

1st thanks for your good words
2nd you do not mention which your blog is
3rd i got the "throw away...." LP but i know that someone else has already posted it(i think cities in flame) and i don't want some scums to say that mutantsounds is a reposter(i heard rumours that people from at least 2 famous prog rock blogs try to offense me, but i don't mind...i just say the enemy of good is the better one)
so if you found out that "throw away...."lp is not already posted or the link is dead i will post it...otherwise sorry

john said...

The link for "Throw Away the Books..." on Cities On Flame is indeed dead. I've asked Dirk to repost it(along with J.A. Ceaser's "Death in the Country"), but he's understandably preoccupied right now. So it would certainly be awesome if you could share it on your blog, as that's one of the albums I've been dreaming about hearing for a long time.

mutantsounds said...

1st:Rothm, Rühm and Wiener- Berliner Dichterworkshop [1973 on Edition Hansjörg Mayer]
is one of the LPs most of the NWWlisters (including me) are trying to find for ages now...
2nd:if the links in cities in flame are dead this weekend comes Throw away the books along with 6 or 7 J.A Seazer lps!

john said...

Citiesonflame still has working links for caesar's Heresy/jashomon and Kokkyou Jyunreika. Since those are the only two I've heard, I'm totally looking forward to this weekend! You rock Mutantsounds!

Anonymous said...

Man thank you so very much. I'd given up hope of ever hearing this.
Your blog is amazing.
Keep up the great work.

thunderperfectmind said...

mutantsounds, you say you're looking for the Roth Ruhm & Weiner LP, and I left a comment the other day letting you know that I had it, but you hadn't seem to have approved it...oh well, maybe it didn't get through? If you'd still like to hear it, I posted it about a week ago (directwaves.blogspot.com) - I'm not trying to advertise my blog, just letting you know of something you'd probably be interested in, since you've already put up more for us than most of us could ever repay back, including myself.

Anyway, I've already thanked you several times, but once more - thanks again! Keep up with the good stuff.

mutantsounds said...

strange that what you say thunderperfectmind....i do not disaprove any messages....possibly did not recieve it.....anyway.....is the address you mentiones right?directwaves.blogspot.com?cause blogger gives me that this is an unavailable address....

john said...

I had also sent in a message about Golden Bat that didn't show up, maybe it also got lost in cyberspace? My question was, is it possible that the Golden Bat posted here is actually the 1977 revival and not the original 1970 version? The style and soundquality, to me at least, seems to be more late 70's "polish" than early 70's raw psychedelic. I found an online description of the box set here, and it seems like maybe what you posted is actually CD 4 of this set. This would aslo explain why the last 5 tracks are so much better than the first 10:
CD1: Polydor material -- tracks 1-15 are material from a play called The Lost Color Blue 1978, the final 12 tracks on this CD are the original Golden Bat album, released in 1971. Total Time = (78:07)
CD2: King Label material. First 10 tracks are supposedly from One and the Same Door, but I believe they are from The Nostalgic Kid (1976). Tracks 11-12 are from the Golden Bat Returns (1971). Tracks 13-20 are also from 1971 & tracks 21-22 are from 1976. Total Time = (78:25)
CD3: Warner Pioneer label; this is mostly an unissued 1975 album called October is the Golden Country. The last two tracks date from 1973. Total Time = (52:17)
CD4: Tracks 1-10 are Victor label stuff from the 1977 revival of Golden Bat, tracks 11-15 are from the original film soundtrack of Shuji Terayama's Throw Away The Books from 1971 (only the tracks which involved Tokyo Kid Brothers). Total Time = (71:12)
CD5: Toshiba EMI material from 1979. Total Time = (75:09)
CD6: Independent material including that self-released Love & Banana EP 1969 and a mixture of other unreleased stuff from the early 70's through to the 90's, origin unknown. Total Time = (77:39)

I've never actually heard any TKB before, so I may very well be wrong, and I'm thankful for any exposure to this band that I get. So please don't take this as a criticism of your blog! I'm just wondering if this is the same "Golden Bat" that made Stapleton want to include them on his NWW list.

mutantsounds said...

1st:John it's te first message i see by you concerning that matter
2nd :i do not reject messages unless they are offensive to someone
3rd:this one i posted is riped from a 14 years old tape that was send to me by a serious US collector...so i think it's the original version...
sorry for any kind of mess or misunderstanding

thunderperfectmind said...

My bad, I forgot the hyphen...the correct address is direct-waves.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

Mutant Sounds, thanks for this outstanding blog, but I have to express my doubts along with John about this being the original 70's recording. Here's why!

There are 15 tracks on this recording you've posted and the last five of these pieces are indeed also to be found on "Throw Away The Books...". They're the exact same recordings and not different versions. This points towards the version posted being from a later compilation and not the original LP as issued. As they're currently tagged, all these tracks are from the compilation "東京キッドブラザース全漂流記" or "Tokyo Kid Brothers Collection of [err...] Castaway Accounts of Foreign Lands". At least that's what it's got in my dictionary for 漂流記 (hyoryuki).

If you look at this TKB fansite, there's a track listing for the box set that came out in 2001:


Now, disc one of this set, according to the little bit written for each disc, has two recordings made for the Polydor label in 1970. One is some production called "Ushinawareta Ai No Iro" (The Lost Colour Indigo?). The other is the original cast recording of Golden Bat as staged in New York. I've wasted a good twenty minutes trying to work out what the hell "鳴罹自成" is, until I now realise it's just a devious old-fashioned way of writing the word "Original"...

Disc 4 from the box set also contains a recording of Golden Bat. This one was made for Victor in 1977. If you compare this track listing of the disc to the recording you've posted, it's the same and includes these extra tracks from "Throw Away The Books...".

So this made me think that maybe this one you've posted is the '77 from this box set, as John suggests, and not the original 1970 recording. Hmm, but the box set version could still be an edited version of the original LP. And it is! This was confirmed when I found a page with photos of the original Polydor LP version and compared the track listing for side one. This begins "Prologue", "Tokyo Nehan", "Okakura".. and not "Overture Freedom Now", "Hi-Hi-Hi", 'Hisashiburi Ni Modottekita Machi Wa"... The page is here:


The original 1970 version appears to have been reissued as a CD by Polydor in 1995 (POCH-1521):


The more I think about this NWW list, it seems like some medieval manuscript of strange animals to be found at various corners of the world that may just exist. Or not. Keep up the outstanding work!

If I get back to Japan before the original is found, I'll definitely try to track down a copy for you.

Anonymous said...

mutandsounds, i came across your blog only recently - it's amazing, and i will certainly spend some more time to check it out.

for now i have just one remark; you have been discussing the (un-)availability of this record:
Roth, Rühm and Wiener - Berliner Dichterworkshop [1973 on Edition Hansjörg Mayer]

actually it is quite easily availabe: you can buy it at "gelbe musik", a record store and gallery in berlin. maybe you have heard of it? in the 80s the owner, ursula block, had curated the "broken music" exhibition, and published the book of the same title.
anyway, they still have copies of the roth ruhm wiener record in stock, and it's not even expensive, just a regular lp price, something around 16 or 18 euro i think.

they don't have a website, but they do mailorder nevertheless.
if you are interested, you can reach them by email at

i wish some other records from the nww list would be as easy to find as this one... :-)

Anonymous said...

you know what. rapidshare is most not-friendly file hosting service on earth. Why u host there? you love to torture people or what? anyway thanks for this record

William III said...

After seeing the 20th comment that rapidshare in unfriendly, I just want to say that it works fine for me, you just need to do a couple common-sense things:

(1) refresh the first rapidshare window to get the download button

(2) move your cursor over the download button until you see the file name in the box at bottom.

(3) click. enjoy.

Love you Mutant Sounds

Anonymous said...

Someone please post a value on a copy of the TOKYO KID BROTHERS golden bat LP polydor MR 5005 with die-cut cover. thanks.

cholera greaser said...

yeah so what's uploaded here is NOT the first golden bat record shown in the pictures above.

as for the value, a copy without obi is about $150. more or less depending on condition. a copy with obi is relative.