Wednesday, February 7, 2007

V/A-Mysterious Kitchens(Terse tapes early australian kitchen synth), Tape(C-90), 1980 ,Australia

1. In Church - "Saving Souls"
2. Pissy Relay Switches - "Diskettes"
3. Pissy Relay Switches - "Snack Chip"
4. Pissy Relay Switches - "Good Times 1 & 2"
5. Holiday Fun - "Each Tick"
6. Holiday Fun - "Sounds Familiar"
7. Holiday Fun - "Schplatt"
8. Axe Murderers
9. Lamington Lady
10. The Nobodies - "Introducing"
11. The Nobodies - "Play It Again"
12. The Nobodies - "Carry My Books"
13. The Nobodies - "Nothing Like It"
14. The Nobodies - "I Don't Care"
15. The Nobodies - "Lassie Come Home"
16. 2 Man Submarine - "Machines That Walk"
17. 2 Man Submarine - "Being Boiled"
18. Mr + Mrs No-Smoking Sign - "Come Home And Have Your Tea"
19. Wet Taxis - "Feel The Carat"
20. Wet Taxis - "Inflate Your Baby"
21. Wet Taxis - "Harmonix 1"
22. Wet Taxis - "Joy Of Life"
23. Wet Taxis - "Dare You?"
24. Wet Taxis - "Make Cake"
25. Rhoborythmaticons - "Mr Hat"
26. Rhoborythmaticons - "Rfmod"
27. Rhoborythmaticons - "The Soup"
28. Rhoborythmaticons - "My Mother The Car"
29. Rhoborythmaticons - "Utensil"
30 Japanes Gene Kelly
31. Burt Blanka
32. Mindless Delta Children - "All Clones Look The Same To Me
Note that in this rip songs from each group are not seperated(sorry for that)
Great minimal synth/experimental compilation tape from Australia on the legendary Terse Tapes label.
sorry no pic sleeve scans(any help with this will be appreciated)
get it here


Over The Moon said...

Hi Mutant Sounds,

Thank you for all that you do. You are a king of the blogs, incredible talented poster with so, so much wonderful music and so very generous to share your gifts with us!

I was just wondering if anyone else had problems with Part 2 of V/A-Mysterious Kitchens?

The RAR file is corrupt, I believe. I downloaded it twice and got the same problem.

Just wanted to let anyone know. If you didn't have a problem, please let me know.

Thank you again,


Over The Moon said...

Hi again Mutant Sounds,

I actually got the files for Mysterious Kitchens to work.

I sincerely apologize for suggesting the file might be corrupt.

I didn't get a good download the first time, and that was my fault.

So, everything is great! Again, sorry for the alarm.

Thanks again for all that you do!

I hope you are well...

Have a great weekend!