Sunday, September 30, 2007

Marek Grechuta & Anawa -Anawa,LP,1973,Poland

Superb and very rare Polish acid polk/psychedelic LP.Members of this band later formed Ossian(another great acid folk band from Poland).Also known as Kabaret Architektów Anawa.All other infos found were in Polish....any translation and more infos will be much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

There is some kind of error when I try to get the file:

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Do I am the only one to have this?


spacefreak said...

Although Marek Gretucha was ANAWA's leader, he is not featured on this (their 3rd) album.

Anonymous said...

wooooaw...'any infos much appreciated' - one of my fave records here...
first,let's get things straight - the post's title should read simply 'Anawa' rather than 'Marek Grechuta&Anawa'. yes, this lp was made after he had left the band. it's referred to as 'Anawa w/out Grechuta'. i'm sooo anxious to hear this again - my vinyl copy is totally worn out, and the cd version is very hard to obtain, unlike all the other Grechuta stuff. btw, it looks like the song titles are somewhat messed up.
in the absence of several major figures of the original line-up, this lp is - as Jim Mutantsounds would say - the odd duck. its sound is more hippy and more catchy than the band's previous, somewhat literary, efforts.
i'll post some more interesting info soon, promise.

Anonymous said...

okay, first of all, the sound files need splitting and renaming - there are maybe 12 songs here, not 7. sorry, i can't remember all the titles, my own copy must be in the basement.
As Marek Grechuta (not 'Gretucha') is absent from these recordings, vocal duties are shared by two guys - the one with the more expressive voice is Andrzej Zaucha. Later on, in the 80s, he became a popular pop/soul singer, Al Jarreau type, and he died in October 1991 in not so usual circumstances: he was making love with a lady in a car and the couple was shot dead by the lady's husband.
The record's cover was designed and made by mr. Sawka, who left for the USA and became a well-known artist - he worked with the Grateful Dead, for example. (did he do the Anthem Of The Sun artwork?)
and going back to Grechuta, he died a year ago. he suffered from many illnesses, of the body as well of the soul, his teenage son gone missing in the early 90s. he truly lived in the world of art, and on art. he is respected, well, by everybody here, some of his songs are the cornerstones of Polish popular music. i guess everything he did in the 70s is a must.
cheers again for promoting Polsh stuff - Darek

rapatang said...

please correct the name
NOT Gretucha BUT Grechuta

Marek is very famous 'though passed away some time ago

try this page

here you can find whole discography
all without pass.

Greetz from Poland

IncaRoads said...

When I first read the description, I got all excited cuz I really have a jones for acid polka music. Then, after listening to the tuneage, I realized you intended to type acid FOLK!

Nonetheless, a great slab o' music ;)

Anonymous said...

I love this album. Managed to download the CD version, and it seems for the CD reissue they used different versions of at least one song (Abys Czul) - I haven't got around to comparing the others side by side yet.