Sunday, September 30, 2007

Księżyc-s.t. ,10" LP,1996+Nów,7" e.p.,1993,Poland

Unique ethereal avant ritual folk with female vocals, not to be missed by anyone interested in music of strange & exquisite beauty.Relesed by Poland's Obuh label.
Michael J. Salo wrote in 2005:
Just continuing the description above. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm for this release. I love this music.The best I can try to explain Ksiezyc ("The Moon"), is some blend of the romantic-acoustic-ballad Prikosnovenie school groups such as Fleur, together with the psychedelic experimentalism of the great Polish acts Atman & Magic Carpathians. I'm also getting a Jack or Jive vibe out of this (a Polish Jack or Jive?) Anyone interested in any of the above references should aquire this album without hestitation.The female vocals are higher quality than 90% of music recorded today, and meanwhile there is more careful attention to instrumental sonics than you could ever expect in vocally-oriented music.Available information in English on this group is scant, but this new release is apparently a collection of all their recorded music, which dates back to the early 90's. Who knew?It's tempting to declare, "ahead of their time," but that wouldn't be quite right. Instead this band is completely removed from time. This is timeless.A hand numbered limited edition item, in appropriately unique & beautiful handmade packaging. Talk about a gem.
Great etheral folkish weirdness sometimes reminding Coil,Meredith Monk,Za Siodma Gora.

***************NEW LINK POSTED SEPTEMBER 2012***************

Get it here


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Le Mat 7" waltz of the fool, posted on my blog, album will follow in next couple of weeks if yer interested.

Anonymous said...

'thurn und taxis'
it's great music. moon musick. listen at night with all lihghts off

G*WORKS said...

Thx for sharing, it is great! So is the artwork.

At first glance maybe a little "average", but listen up closely; excellent!

A reason to learn polish!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, FANTASTIC blog!!! I'm a bit behind the times and using an archaic computer so I just discovered it. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that the link to the Shub Niggurath 1985 debut seems to be broker. Could you re-upload it? Also here are a couple of requests off the top of my head:

SAB - Crystallization
Nord - debut on Vanity
Osiris - anything (another early 80s Japanese electronic experimental group)


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, but I do have this 7' at home. It feels strange to see that someone else must have buy it at the time!
May I take the liberty to push you towards my baby blog:

As of today, I posted some hard to find field recordings by the likes of Chris Watson, David Toop & Lawrence English, some french underground: Thomas Fiancette & Philippe Cauvin, and the SoundViews 1990 k7. I plan to post some Illusion Production k7 as well. Some of you guys might be interested.
Keep on the terrific work.


Thanks you so much for the link to my blog. I've done the same thing in return in the main text of the page. Go on with your fantastics posts and all the bests. Aroundtheblogs

Anonymous said...

This is haunting and lovely. Here's hoping you'll post some Atman & Magic Carpathians.

robin said...

Thank you for this great find. Totally amazing. If you have anything else like this, you know we'd love to hear it!

FYI, track 9 is bad -- mp3 encoding error?

Anonymous said...

yeah, weird folk, you make is sound inviting; wondering what it will sound like? "out of time", again, that sounds tantalizing, thanks for putting some unusual polish music up.. zenmaster

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the entire world know about this astonishing record??!?!?

You score again, mutants...

Anonymous said...

i have seen them live around 1997! they played very few gigs, went defunct shortly thereafter, and were/are generally nice, decent and modest folks. the term 'ritual' you're using here is out of place - thematically they're somewhat near, say, CocoRosie. songs of little girls alone in a room.
the 7" was one of the first ever Obuh records' releases and i didn't have it! the lp i have bought in different formats (cassettte, vinyl), but, frankly, i didn't like it after having seen them live.
speaking of Obuh records, will you put up the ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY F***** GREATEST record they released - "The History Of Alfons Czachor" by Rongwrong? if you don't have it, i'll be able to up it somewhere
cheers - darek/poland

Anonymous said...

okay, i'm currently uploading flac files of the Rongwrong record to divshare. the thing will be ready in 3-4 hrs

Anonymous said...

here it is - Rongwrong "The Story of Alfons Czahor", Obuh Records, Poland, 1996.
very subtle sounding music that
combines electro-acoustics, pre-war Poland, Orthodox Christianity, swamps, etc.
10 files here, 260Mbytes.
believe me, it's worth it.
the songs:
DivShare File - Rongwrong_01.fla
DivShare File - Rongwrong_02.fla
DivShare File - Rongwrong_03.fla
DivShare File - Rongwrong_04.fla
DivShare File - Rongwrong_05.fla
DivShare File - Rongwrong_06.fla
DivShare File - Rongwrong_07.fla

the descritpion in a txt file:
DivShare File - Rongwrong - The Story of Alfons Czahor 19.txt
the files themselves are bare, w/out any tags, sorry about that.
let me know if the whole thing works!
ps. sorry, i've had problems uploading the link to artwork - anyway i took it from

gus said...

This is so beautiful and surreal! I am enjoying this a lot, thank you for posting it!

Anonymous said...

btw Ksiezyc LP made it on CD, i have a burn. anyone interested in a rip? let me know at please.
and thanks for enjoying the Rongwrong album - it's one of my all-time favourites, really.

Anonymous said...

okay, by request - here are the zipped .fla files of the CD:
songs 1-6, 100 Mb:
DivShare File - Ksiezyc _Moon_ - 1996_ Poland.rar
songs 7-10, 70 Mb:
DivShare File - ksiezyc2.rar
songs 11-14, 70 Mb:
DivShare File - ksiezyc3.rar
NB on DivShare, 2 simultaneous d/loads are allowed
cheers - Darek/Poland

Anonymous said...

i attempted to download this and i am worried that it has expired? is this dead?

Anonymous said...

The Link is wrong - it is - so there's just an "s1" instead of the "www"! That's all.


Anonymous said...

Do u have the second part???



Sergio said...

I don´t understand what link of massmirror are you talking about? the links of this post are not massmirror neither thos from Darek (I must say, better quality, both for being flac and for beinc from cd).
Anyway, I have a question, in the file from this post there was a song which is not on the Darek cd and it is not present on musicbrainz tags or on winamp autotagger. It was named ChodY, similar to another song of the album. It is very beautiful, but, it is from this band? From which album?

Bilâl Sazak said...

Hey! I'm a pro-listener and I've been looking for this album for FLAC format. Finding it is really important to me. Is there anybody who can help me?

mietek said...

Bilal, have you looked 5 comments up?

Sean said...

It seems that track 9 "Œmieszki" is corrupted, at least from when I downloaded it. I have the album in FLAC from another source so I'm sure it's wrong. Sounds kind of awesome though!

Anonymous said...


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