Sunday, September 30, 2007

V/A:Live at the Target,LP,1980,USA

One of the most important US compilations of the early 80's,Live at the Target ,gives the exact picture of the SF underground music scene of this period.Blending punkish nowave inspirations along with electronics and experimentation this compilation features some of the top names of the period.Recorded live February 24, 1980. This show is also available as a live VHS video from Target Video. Comes with a folded 17x11 insert for each artist, and an 8.5x11 insert about the release and the label.
A1 Factrix Subterfuge (4:35)
A2 Factrix A Night To Forget (5:30)
A3 Nervous Gender Miscarriage (1:46)
A4 Nervous Gender Scandinavian Dilemma (3:00)
A5 Nervous Gender Poet (2:37)
A6 Nervous Gender Confession (2:47)
B1 Uns Part 1 (5:06)
B2 Uns Part 2 (2:35)
B3 Flipper Falling (5:27)
B4 Flipper Lowrider (3:18)
B5 Flipper End The Game (2:30 )

UNS was an early Z'ev music project,and Nervous Gender was a synth punk band featuring amongst others Phranc.Factrix and Flipper need no introduction i suppose!
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fuzztunnel said...

Thanks so much for this! Definitely essential listening.
If anyone's interested:
Here's footage of NG's performance recorded for this album:
Check out the ten-year-old drummer!
And if anyone needs NG's "Music From Hell," get it here:

Unknown said...

Awesome! This is such a great album..!

Anonymous said...

MANY, MANY THANKS !!! For these great postings !!! They're awesome !

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Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find this for sooooo long! Thank you.

Fred G. Sanford said...

yeah, great comp.
I got a little tired of FLiPPER after 10 years or so, but much of the rest holds up real well,
especially UNS which I didn't care for when this was new.

I wonder if you guys could post up the CLUB FOOT compilation which I think was also Subterranean records. It had a pic of a guy w bowtie on the cover,
maybe. I was a serial Subterranean reocrds head back then, but missed that one somehow.

thanks a lot for everything.

Anonymous said...

the link doesn't work no more! please
put the compilation on another website, thank you.

kaplan said...

Check this mate :