Monday, September 3, 2007


Those with a yen for the outer limits of the human voice take heed, as the international consortium of freaky vocal talent culled together here represent some of the finest exponents of extemporaneous jibber jabber extant. From the U.S., we have the zany N.Y. avant chanteuse Shelley Hirsch and her equally flipped out N.Y. compatriot in extended vocal technique David Moss as well as the L.A.-based Anna Homler, whose approach emerges from her personal zone of invented language generation as heard on her gorgeous Do Ya Sa Di Do CD, which I posted a while back. To that, add the deliriously wigged out Spanish polymath Carles Santos and Holland's Greetje Bijma, though curiously enough for a collectively titled entity, Direct Sound never operate as an actual group. Instead, what we have here is essentially a compilation featuring various solos and duo combinations of these five artists (and in one case, a three-way) and as such, this serves as a perfect point of entry into the land of glossolalia ad absurdum.

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Hi dear Mutant Sounds,

Does a re-up of this piece is possible?
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