Sunday, September 30, 2007

Marnie Weber - Woman WIth Bass,LP,1994,USA/Greece

As requested a while ago,here's the 2nd solo LP by Marnie Weber .
Marnie is living in LA and is still an active muli-artist(sculptor,musician,painter,performer,to name but a few of her activities).Being in the early 80's member of the legendary Californian band ,Party Boys(anyone can present their 3 LPs?), and having collaborated with the likes of 17 Pygmies,Sonic Youth,Savage repuplic ,she has created a rich musical background in the 80s US underground scene. Her production is a combination of her own mythology and imaginary fairytale-like spirits that always appear as either female animals or female humans. She creates an environment you could compare to Marnia in Wonderland. For Weber, makeup, costumes and special effects are vital. With these tools, she achieves her desired effect in her films, installations and performances. The intrigue in Marnie's different stories often deals with passions, struggles and transformations.
A trully amazing album,released in Greece only(as far as i know) through Penguin label and long sold out!

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Anonymous said...

This thing was also released on CD in the US in 1991 on Scheming Intelligentsia Records (of course long out of print).
There is also a Party Boys double CD (still available from, which contains almost everything they ever released plus quite a few bonus songs. Unfortunately they left out five songs from the LPs. I have uploaded these songs here:

Thanks for the great work,

DougH said...

You can get the Party Boys anthology from Marnie's own website, as well as several other CDs including her current band The Spirit Girls, which is a sort of rock opera band of dead adolescent girls playing droney crunchy glam. Highly recommended!

Vertigo said...

1st Party Boys LP "No Aggro" on

Anonymous said...

Hello, can you upload the album woman with bass on a wav format so we can get the best sound possible ? Regards, Claudie

Anonymous said...

Oh, repost Marnie Weber please... link not working