Thursday, September 6, 2007


This exceedingly hard to peg Polish unit is one of the many groups that Mik.Musik mastermind Wojciech Kucharczyk figures in (Pathman, Retro*Sex*Galaxy* and Go Underground To See More Animals are a few others...). This particular project, his most prolific, was, circa 2000, his collaboration with one Asia Bronislawska (thereafter replaced by Macio Moretti). The balancing act they attempt (and more often then not beautifully pull off) is a most curious one, mulching together fits of singeing, splattering and gurgling abstract electronica with highly eccentric and percussion-intensive ethno-tinged art rock, while fastidiously avoiding any sort of structural arrangement that would allow you to comfortably settle into their work before throwing you the next curveball. It's a brave, crazy and very worthy strategy and bears scant resemblance to anything else I've ever encountered before or since.

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Anonymous said...

fyi, the members of this duo are a brother and a sister
cheers - darek/poland

about us said...

this question has nothing to do with this post (molr drammaz), although it is quite remarkable and i've only listen to it since i downloaded it yesterday.

well, the question is where do i find info on
1. leven signs (a group mutant sounds has enlightened me with.)
2. liggers (something i'm not sure where i got..?)?

please guide me as your blog so many times has...thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

this is just too weird, and I love it. I'd be completely mystified if I had the job of describing this to someone unintiated. You've done a masterful job. Love your site. I've found ton's of great stuff.. Mutant stuff!


vdoandsound said...

about us- the only info I've ever been able to find on Leven Signs on the web was this blurb about their inclusion on the Obscure Independant Classics Vol. 2 comp. LP :

"Eg. the only record release so far by LEVEN SIGNS , the L.P. "Hemp is Here" which was poached from its original cassette version on Robert Cox's Unlikely Records - because it was so good. Peter Karkut and Maggi Turner do this stuff in London. They use percussive rythms and an organ but nobody has yet been able to put a name to what kind of music it is. I don't know ...Turkish Gothic... no... erm.."

The Liggers I'm rather in the dark on, alas...

The Complainer said...

HA! it's nice to see, that our old recordings can be alive! ;-)
you can find more in just started mik.musik.archives. more will come soon. greetings! mutant-size good job and oceans of great music!

Wojciech / Molr Dr. / The Complainer / Mik.Musik.!.