Sunday, September 30, 2007

Telephone Music-st,tape,1986,UK(Snatch tapes/Alien brains related)

I have to thank very much Claire Thomas for sending this gem. Here is the introduction made:
"Telephone Music 1986
Though Snatch Tapes ceased releasing cassettes in 1982 there was to be one final tape release in 1986. Called Telephone Music it is described on the Snatch Tapes web site ( as effectively being Snatch 4 and one can see why as it draws together both collaborative and solo material by Snatch Tapes favourites Philip Sanderson, Steven Ball, David Jackman and Michael Denton.

Much of the material seems to have been recorded during the Snatch Tapes glory days of 1980-81 but most is markedly different from the industrial DIY sound of say Storm Bugs much of it having a distinctly cinematic or soundtrack feel. Side one opens with Maps by Philip Sanderson a sparse combination of VCS3 rhythms, vibraphone and vocals by a chanteuse called Naomi. It’s a kind of easy listening gone wrong. Next up is Thief, a collaboration between Sanderson and Michael Denton that has a jazzy noir-ish undertow again using vibes but also a primitive early sampler that spits out odd vocals and pops. Teal Blue and Silver which follows is a Michael Denton track with added synthetic percussion by Steven Ball’ It’s a toe tapping number with just a hint of early Residents in its clompy percussive piano. Side one ends with Mixing Drinks and Aeroplanes, which is from the same session as Maps and is a deceptively seductive tale of good taste.

Side two will have Jackman fans pricking up their ears as the first two tracks feature the Organum man himself on homemade flute and vocals. The first track Ups and Downs has a slowly repeating motif is overlaid by mournful flute and interference. Track two, called Apostrophe S is very different;, with its clattering Autoharp part overdubbed with woodwind blasts and low vocal drones. It’s almost like some weird hybrid of Led Zeppelin and Organum. Things slow down again for Spy Garden with its vibes and birdsong and clattering knitting needle percussion. The last track Mr Sound is by Michael Denton and features that first Casio keyboard we all know and love overlaid with abstract music concrete and repeated calls for Mr Sound to make himself know to airport information.

A short but very sweet tape, only released in an edition of some 10 copies and probably never to be re-issued. The tape rather bizarrely came in a 7-inch single sleeve sealed with brown parcel tape. This copy is made direct from the cassette and whilst the individual tracks are readily identifiable it has been left in its original format as side one and two.

Telephone Music – Track listing

Side 1
Maps (Philip Sanderson) (1982)
Thief (Philip Sanderson/Michael Denton) (1981)
Teal Blue and Silver (Michael Denton) (1982)
Mixing Drinks and Aeroplanes (Philip Sanderson) (1982)

Side 2
Ups and Downs (Philip Sanderson/Michael Denton/ David Jackman) (1983/6)
Apostrophe S (Philip Sanderson/Steven Ball/ David Jackman) (1986)
Spy Garden part 1 & 2 (Philip Sanderson/Michael Denton) (1983/4)
Mr Sound (Michael Denton) (1981)"
thanks again Claire,much appreciated....anything similar much desired!

Note: link removed, as this is soon due for reissue in a revised, re-mastered and expanded version.



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The Files worked fine for me - or do you mean Massmirror which was playing up this morning but seems OK now at least here in the UK.

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Thanks much. There's a mini-flood of Jackman releases at my blog you may be interested in...

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hey this one is excellent.thanks for sharing it with us.

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Thanks a lot, amazing stuff.. Also would like to thanks u for all the knowledge you share with us

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Looking for a copy, or at least some posted mp3s, is this actually being reissued?