Wednesday, September 26, 2007


As requested, here's the extraordinarily rare LP by this pre-Honeymoon Killers project, the name of which they'd confusingly go on to use for the title of the Honeymoon Killers LP (and mind you, this is the post-Aqsak Maboul Belgian Honeymoon Killers we're discussing here and not the undistinguished New York noise unit of the same name). The music here exists at a fairly radical remove from the exquisitely loopy, suave and elegantly arranged art-pop constructs of The Honeymoon Killers, though as only Yvon Vromman would join their ranks after this, the connection is rather slight. What we have here instead is a wildly screwy and variable bunch of art-damaged explorations, whose irreverent and piss-takey post-Zappa approach bears a remarkable resemblance to that strain of French underground experimentation that extends from the the early 70's likes of Red Noise, Mahogany Brain and Komintern to late-70's exponents like Heratius. Thus, herein you'll find everything from deformed marching band music to off-key renditions of "Oh Susanna", bursts of free jazz, bouts of mumbling and groaning, deformed chanson...I'm guessing you know the drill by now. Whacked shit!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, Eric!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, i must say thank you too!!!this is great and absolutely rare.Honeymoon Killers is my favorite album ever and this pre-HK is amazing.your blog is fantastic-bombastic.

Anonymous said...

Great! Thank you so much, I'm a big fan of the Honeymoon Killers.

Anonymous said...

didn't know about this one, and I thought I had Hollander etc down pretty well

Veronique is tasty

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and the rest of your great blog. Do you know any blogs specializing in french Rock In Opposition alike music? ZNR, Aksak Maboul and so forth?


Anonymous said...

O, beautiful! Thank you, Eric, it's one of my favourite posts from your blog.
Maxi1984, Nizhniy Tagil.

Anonymous said...

A very boring rarity. Tedious and pedantic ... very different from the second lp, which is utterly brilliant.

Thanks for sharing, still. My curiosity has been quenched ... even though this lp hasn't been worth the wait.

b. said...

love the honeymoon killers. i've never read up on the subject, but do you know how yvon vromman died?