Sunday, September 9, 2007


A mixed bag Neue Deutsche Welle compilation culling together a baker's dozen tracks (excluding the locked-groove "track" by 3125/Padeluun) from celebrated scene leaders and unknown quanties alike, though the high points here make this entirely worthy of your attention. It should go without saying that any compilation featuring cuts from both the Residential madmen of Der Plan and Pyrolator (the solo project of Der Plan's Kurt Dahlke) merits your immediate interest, the former plying their usual brain-warping doink bloop genius, the latter offering up a mutantly funky nugget of vocoded minimal synth action. Other high points here include the bleary, addled sonic distentions that S.Y.P.H. undertake (some of the most abstract work of theirs I've heard), the ritualistic wobble of Adolf & Eva and Don Bartnick's falsetto voiced minimal synth gem, somewhat reminiscent of Felix Kubin's NDW babysteps in Die Egozentrischen Zwei.

Track list:

1. Adolf & Eva-Det Is Nu Wehf
2. Croox-24. Dezember
3. Don Bartnick-Der Neue Messias
4. Not Mean Themselves-Frozen
5. Der Plan-Schnee-Cristel Unterm Baum
6. Xao Seffcheque & Die Pest-Sternhagel
7. Pyrolator-Ein Kommt In Die Disco
8. Vorsprung-Weisses Trauma
9. Rigoletto-Neulich, Weihnachts Abend In Der Nahe Von McDonalds
10. Lemminge-Leise Stirbt Man Im Schnee
11. S.Y.P.H.-Schneewitter
12. ZK-Nieder Mit Dem Weihnachtsmann
13. 3125/Padeluun-Eisflacker (locked-groove)

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Knife in the Toaster said...

Anything else from Not Mean Themselves? Probably my fav track on the LP.


vdoandsound said...

knife in the toaster-This is the only track that I know of by them.

Anonymous said...

There's a 7" floating around by them, but i've never been able to track them down... The infamous "Sehr gut kommt sehr gut" comp. lists a track by them as well, but i've always assumed that it's really just Xao Seffcheque.

Krysztoff said...

for people who want the cover clean, I cropped and skewed it for iTunes integration.

here's the link :

Anonymous said...

If it's not obvious from the track titles and album artwork, this is a Christmas album

Anonymous said...

Hi, the download link is down. Is it possible to re-up this goodie?