Saturday, October 3, 2009


Engagingly awkward Finnish D.I.Y. psych primitivism, though the subcultural thread that they're working is one wholly unconnected to the current free folk communal freakout scene, the scent coming off of this one-sided slab instead carrying something of a low key 90's U.K. psych pop vibe ala Acme and Terrascope associated acts like Chemical and Rustic Rod, though the attitude and delivery here is considerably more droopy eyed and lackadaisical. Worth noting here is that the dubious packaging of this EP (unprotected vinyl sandwiched between the outer plastic sleeve and the handmade paper insert) resulted in the vinyl becoming nearly permanently bonded to the paper, the upshot being that after considerable cleaning efforts, there is now only around three minutes of extraneous tics and pops audible about half the way through. I'll bet most copies have now been rendered unlistenable due to this. 'Tis a shame...

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Anonymous said...

hi there !
i'm really pleased with the stuff you put here !
i suscribed to the Rss too...

The only annoying thing is the way you shoot the covers...Sorry to bother you with such thing, but i'd prefer to see fully front of the cover pictures...
to illustrate the mp3s correctly as you're more often the only website that has the covers for the albums you post.

Anyway, if you can do like this i'll be more than happy...
Keep on posting quality music & see you soon !

Anonymous said...

Two things you might want to try to clean vinyl of pops and dust:
There used to be a toy-type product called "Green Slime" or "Goo" that would pick up all sorts of rubbish without leaving any residue. You can still find it in various guises in toy shops and it comes in small re-sealable plastic containers. Don't get in your hair or clothes or you'll be sorry! Try it on a basket-case record if you're not too sure.
The second thing you might try is an ultrasonic cleaner (If you can get hold of one.)- the type jewellers use to clean rings and chains - and rig up an extending bath big anough for an LP. This will be another tub on top of the smaller original one that the vibrations have to be transferred via direct contact with the water. This is going to wreck the paper labels, so I'd scan them first and reprint, cut and glue later. Don't let the disc touch the bottom or sides of the container and make sure the water heater is switched OFF.
Not one for the purists, I daresay, but if you've got a dud in the first place, what have you got to lose?
Obviously this won't fix scratches.
Like your work, good luck and cheers.

Sam Insolent said...

Here's some unreleased stuff by the band:


Sam (of D.A.)