Friday, October 23, 2009


Having missed the record that bridges the gap between this and their second album Landsale, it's hard for me to gauge just how drastic of a shift occurred en route to the sound heard on their fourth outing here, but Perspective at minimum seems aptly named, the tracks here demonstrating a marked shift in both speed and attitude and with a sound that now seems more copacetic with something like Phew than the relentless blippy Devoid zaniness of their first two outings (both shared by me previously). These shifts have not however necessarily served to blunt the underlying eccentricity of their endeavor, though some tacky production choices and the occasional cheap guitar heroics occasionally manage to. That being said, carping overmuch about a record that's still this rife with quirk seems off base, though the moves here might take some settling in for diehard fans of their early style.

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Anonymous said...

i was looking so hard for this a few months back. thanks!

Anonymous said...

There's a nice huge public torrent of the whole discography somewhere... it's not hard to find.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite P-MODEL album and easily one of my favorite albums of all time. I bought it on vinyl in Japan a couple years ago. Heaven, the opening track, is the only song that is pleasantly melodic; everything else is a harsh sonic assault on the ears, with loud snares, repetitive bass, eccentric but relatively minimal keyboards and guitar, and plenty of tasteful shouting and purposefully strained vocals. Other than Heaven, which admittedly sounds quite dated, all the other track sound fresh, even today. This is the darkest P-MODEL album that I've heard. Just great! Not for everyone, I'm sure, but I absolutely love it.
Potpourri, the album you mentioned (being the album after Landsale and before Perspective), is like a middle ground between this sound and their earlier sound. It will likely appeal to people who can't quite stomach Perspective or don't "get it." In any case, there are a lot of great songs on Potpourri and it would be worth your while to seek it out!
Hats off to P-MODEL for having the balls to record Perspective. They must have known that it would never be a huge commercial success and they may have even guessed that it would fade into obscurity, I don't know... but IMHO it's just brilliant.

Biff said...

Broken link -- any chance for a re-upload?