Monday, October 12, 2009


Following up on my post of his third LP "Gente Distratta" a while back, here's the gorgeous debut from this very underrated jazz rock drummer whose supple and fluid attack is full of precisely whirling detailing and delicate gamelan-like sonorities. Accompanied here by one-time Miles Davis keyboardist Paul Buckmaster, Saint Just saxophonist Robert Fix and his usual duo of string slingers in Gigi De Rienzo and Bruno Limone, Rosso Napoletano is awash in the trademarked aerated and relaxed atmosphere of so much higher key Italian jazz rock of that period, though Esposito's deployment of sundry ethnic instruments and hand percussion within these atmospheres makes obscure ethno jazz rockers Maad perhaps the best point of comparison here.
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john said...

Thanks for the Toni Esposito, and for all your other posts of lost Italian classics. I was wondering if you happen to have any of the following Italian lp's:
Canzoniere Del Lazio – Spirito Bono (1976), Italien (1977, released in East Germany), Mora (1978)
Massimo Catalano + Remigio Ducros – La Fatica (1972)
Legenda Meligunis – S/T (1979)
Perdio – Raccolta Completa (Rec. 1973-76)
Charles Tiring (Organ player in Jacula) – De Sade in Convent (1974), The Dark Experience (1976)
Thanks again for a great blog! I check it every day!

Anonymous said...

What about his 2nd one , "Processione Sul Mare" ?

>Miles Davis keyboardist Paul Buckmaster

Paul Buckmaster was not Miles` keys player. But they were friends ,& his influence was there on "On the Corner". He turned Miles on to Stockhausen.

Paul Buckmaster was a member of The Third Ear Band & he orchestrated the album by QUATERMASS

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-Right you are. Sorry. I was trying to recall where I'd seen his name before in writing this post. I seem to have glanced at Buckmaster's wiki entry for just long enough to get myself in trouble, as the actual quote about his work on Miles' music actually states "He appears on Davis' album On the Corner (1972), for which he wrote arrangements and played electric cello."

Joshua Dunn said...

Great post thanks much

Anonymous said...

This has been recently reissued on CD and is currently commercialized. Please remove!

vdoandsound said...

anonymous-I'm not sure what reissue you're speaking of, as I just did another round of web searches and found info only for the same out of print Italian BMG CD reissue from 2004 that I saw before.

Anonymous said...

the best music for a movie which was done by Tony Esposito, was for
Der Schrei des Pelikans (Un marinaio e mezzo) Un Solitario E Mezzo or Das geheimnis des schwarzen Tankers– Regie: Tommaso Dazzi

Does anyone know on which CD the music to this smovie was released ?
JOhnny H., Austria