Monday, October 12, 2009

V.A.-OUTA 001, CDR, 2004, FINLAND

This quite excellent and packed-to-capacity compendium presents an excellent cross section of ideas floating around in the deeper recesses of the current Finnish musical subculture, though with some notable departures from the more status quo aspects of their underground in the form of music with (shock!) production values. Across these 80 minutes, Rauhanorkesteri make a case for flat out free jazz, Vapaa veers between extemporized psychedelia and full bore improv splatter, Aekie drone, chime and resonate in engaging (if startlingly hi-fi) fashion, Kukija thread their gossamer psychedelic meanderings through a waft of tape hiss, Metsamorfeus manipulate software to immersive and sophisticated ends more reflective of the musical culture surrounding Norway's Rune Grammofon imprint, frequent Keijo collaborator Tiitus offers ghostly traces and shimmers coalescing into songform and Uton applies his magnifying glass to the cellular details within desiccated layers of dusty audio stasis.

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