Friday, October 23, 2009


Having long flown a flag for the sublime craziness of ex-Severed Heads mage Garry Bradbury in his various guises (his Bradbury and Size recordings can be found elsewhere on MS), it's with some delight that I bring you the rarest piece of his puzzle; a split with the merry misanthropes of Houston Texas' Culturcide. Issued on the Dogfood Production System label that was home to several other cornerstones works from the Aussie underground, this beautifully diseased sounding slab of wax (accompanied by some MUCH more diseased looking scat/golden showers shock graphics which you'll have to download this album to see, though you have been WARNED) emerged around the same time that he began his epochal work with Severed Heads and offers some very telling examples of just what he brought to their early era, it's pitching, heaving and tweezing atmosphere of malaised loops, punch press rhythms and twisted samples sounding wholly of a piece with his work alongside Ellard and co. As for Culturcide, the band heard here is proffering something markedly different and a goodly bit more exciting than the pre-V/VM style pop culture rape they became more known for latterly; with an engagingly hard to peg stance that splits the difference between trashily garrulous MX-80 Sound-like post punk blurt and a more malevolently snarling post-TG industrial churn.

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Anonymous said...

Thanx. Very interesting split This is really what make blogs so important. Go on forever.

NoRecords Records said...

If I can allow myself, maybe you can take a look, listen & download and published this :

thanks for them

see you

Anonymous said...

Great upload as usual ! I don't suppose there's any chance of the Jef Gilson on Futura , is there ??

Unknown said...

Havn't heard this one but i met Gary Brdbury in Australia when i was there in 2003, he's great and did an amazing show. Great you're uploading such obscure work.

Nice V/Vm reference too haha, Culturecide are always good value.

Anonymous said...


Do you have the Intence "Triade" LP you could post?

Or maybe Ralf Tohde's "Silent Departure"???

Thanks for all the great music!

Anonymous said...

Tom had a download of this available many years ago so I heard it then, but this is a great split album. Now if only someone could find the first Wet Taxis cassette "Taxidermy" when it was Bradbury and the Knuckey brothers, I've been looking for that one for years.

Anonymous said...

There is also a live @ Exiles Bookstore 1982 cassette by Hiroshima Chair that was out on Terse Tapes. Richard Fielding (the founder along with Andrew Wright of Mr & Mrs No Smoking Sign/Severed Heads) recently played a bit of this tape on the excellent Background Noise radio show hosted by John Blades (The Loop Orchestra also with Richard). John was also in the East End Butchers with Peter Doyle who were featured on the One Stop Shopping compilation.

The Sydney Quads were another band Bradbury was in with Simon and Tim Knuckey that later morphed into the Wet Taxis both also on One Stop Shopping.

Check out the streams of Background Noise's great programs of Australian post-punk and experimental music here.

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome it's just ridiculous. Thank you thank you thank you for this!


Anonymous said...

please, please re-upload this gem