Monday, October 12, 2009


This Italian library music treasure is a bit slow to reveal its true significance, but the deeper into this pudding that you plunge, the more obvious its brilliance becomes. Starting out in explicitly loungy territory, it's not really until side B that things really take a turn for the overtly peculiar, and it just gets curiouser and curioser, with capering avant garde jazz orchestrations of the sort that Stereolab were tapping circa Sound Dust ceding to wicked acid rock burners between Allesandro Allesandroni and Nora Orlandi's Music For Strange Situations and the Vampiros Lesbos soundtrack before wobbling offstage in a drunken chamber jazz lurch.
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litlgrey said...

Hi! I am intrigued by this post.

Italian Library offerings like this are legion, every bit as much as the labels were frequently small and short-lived.

I'd like to ask... what label did this appear on, and what is the catalogue number? It kind of looks like Gemelli but I can't tell.

Also, do the disk labels or the back cover give any information about the tracks, such as descriptions or composer credits?

Thank you!

vdoandsound said...

litlgrey-Actually, you'd have been able to find more info on this if I'd correctly posted it as Sandro Brugnolini rather than the full Allesandro (which is how you'll more often see it referred to, though rateyourmusic has it listed the way that I originally posted it). It is a Gemelli release (Gemelli GG-ST 0-015). This is one that I don't have an original of, so beyond that I can't offer much other info here...

Oozlum said...

Thank your for this treasure! What an epic melancholia effuse welcoming Anna's birth!

Music For Strange Situations has been one of my favorite music i came along! Armando Trovaioli, Janko Nilovic are also good examples to follow.

Anonymous said...

wow this is amazing

Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

great post.
thank you