Saturday, October 3, 2009


On the heels of my post of the debut LP by Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, here's some more of the Schimpfluch label-associated shenanigans that I'd promised were in store; this classic comp yoking together cuts from the R & G associated crew in Wash Your Brains alongside an unholy assortment of other gibbering Swiss nutters with sympathetic aims and freak fringe contemporaries from other shores, all somehow successfully shoehorned into R&G/'s shit caked dada pop-up box via careful arrangement and extraneous absurdist utterances that are grafted onto the beginning of each contribution.

Track listing:

4 Schizoide Musikanten-Bevor Dada Da War War Dada Da
Fam.Pigdog-Tumultuous Food
Drangende Hebelkraft-Dedicated To Wilhelm Amok
Red Light District-Red Light Jimmy
Hansi B.-untitled
Aufstand Der Dilettanten-Der Apfelbaum Krummt Sich
Sterea Lisa-Engel
Wash Your Brains-Runzelstirn Und Gurgelstock
3 1/2 Stempelkissen-Vernichtungs-Gefahr
Wash Your Brains-Burgenholzer Revue
Drangende Hebelkraft-Rotor Bereich
Schmachtfetzen AG-Marschmusik Fur Walrosser
4 Schzoide Musikanten-Abgetakt Fliessend

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Brandon Haney said...

Thank you!

Elliot Kern said...

Where you find these under-the-radar LPs in such great shape is beyond me! You continue to blow me away with the scope of your musical knowledge.

Oh, and you're involved in VDO, right? I heard you guys have a song in WIRE. Congratulations!

Keep the good stuff coming.

Cheers from Dallas,

Elliot Kern said...

Ah! Not VDO, Shits and Giggles.

vdoandsound said...

Elliott-Thanks for the nice comments. Ja...I'm in VDO and it is indeed a Shits And Giggles track on the Wire Tapper. Dallas isn't exactly a hotbed of alternate arts, so cheers back atcha from one Dallas cool cat to another. You a musician as well or just a fan of out sounds?


Elliot Kern said...

Haha, no it really isn't. I'm in high school, so I don't exactly chose to live here. There are only two actual record stores in Dallas, and Deep Ellum has been totally executed... But I did pick up Trick or Treat at Good Records, which was a bit of a surprise. The staff (hot-headed hipster types) said a mysterious truck drove by and dropped off eight copies, hahah.

And I am a musician, actually. I normally just fiddle around with a Moog and my computer. Whenever I get something like an album made though, I'd be happy to send it to you for a good laugh (if you aren't too busy). I'm sure you could appreciate where it's coming from.

And thanks again for the odd tunes,

Roetoes said...

Seriously sick.

GRK. said...

You can never have too much Schimpfluch, even if it makes you sick. Thanks!

AMBIS said...

Mighty thanks for all this lovely material! What else besides the internet and people of good will could possibly bring one the joy of utter musical madness and oddity? It's food for our brains... well, it's kind of a crazy food, but it's good to be crazy from time to time. Cheers& keep up a good work!!!

SonceGrib said...

Great Thanks!!! Very Interesting Materials!! Fantastico!!!