Friday, October 23, 2009


Well guys
seems my movement to new country (and great country i must admit) took me much more time than i was supposing.Actually there's a mess still at home . Anyway,this is to inform you that possibly by the end of next week i will be back with new posts....And guys,hey...whoever is near Rhineland Palatine in Germany please inform me for events,concerts,etc at my area...
Jim Mutantsounds


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the great work.

pfunk said...

It's great to have you back.

Doktor Gnómegang said...

Hallo Jim,

I'm glad to see you again back and to know you are right and well. Thank you very much once again for your efforts sharing, you are doing a great work.

Have you very good luck in Germany, of course it is a Great Country, my second Vaterland.

Doktor Gnomegang
from Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear this. I recently moved to Ludwigshafen. Next Shows for me: Gong (Aschaffenburg, 11.8.) and Die Goldenen Zitronen (German Post Punk) in Heidelberg (December I believe).
Are we taste-compatible? Check out:
Eric (regular mutantsounds visitor)

Anonymous said...

How many boxes will you never unpack i wonder ? don't forget the dj ordeal, okok society etc posts from those masters i sent. best wishes jase

noisenik said...


Have you moved close to Nurburgring?
Misfits salute you. LOL! And quit appologizing whenever you don't have enough time to post. Both of you, guys, have posted enough music for the end of the century. Big Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back, mate! The internet just got a bit brighter!


Anonymous said...

so good to have you back!

I miss your posts more than i miss my girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Rhineland Palatinate is not a vast area but still too big to give notice of all events around. Could you give a little more details about your whereabouts in RP?
If you are in the area close to Ba-Wü or Hessen you should definitely check out the event "wierd science" by dj mike. Google helps, he's also with myspace. That's a start, I think :)

Melencolia said...

Welcome back mutant friend.
If you have iTunes you could install It scans you playlist and shows an alert whenever an artist from your list releases an album or performs in your area.
Beware of iTunes 9 though, it's bugged!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

if you're looking for a really interesting gig in your area in Germany go to the "Stadtgarten" in Cologne on November, 9th. There will take place the first "Broken Sounds" festival and it will give us the first ever and only Germany appearance by Sleazy Christoperson's and Ivan Pavlov's Soisong, alongside with Sten Hanson and Bernd Schurer for a real cheapo of 10/12 Euros. Check it out on

Cheers, Oliver

sandra (oxyd24) said...

Herzlich willkommen hier im ganz netten deutschen Lande, JIM!!!

phantomlimbo said...


don#t know where exactly you live but we're setting up shows in Hessen. In the past cities we book shows in have been Wiesbaden, Frankfurt,Darmstadt, Mainz and Offenbach and so far we booked acts like Datashock, Pocahaunted, Daniel Higgs, Emeralds, Inco Ore, Kuupuu, Stellar Om Source and things like that. Have a look, if you're interested and maybe we can say „hello“ on one of our future shows...