Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Funeral Dance Party-Quirtyiop ,tape ,1980,UK

Although already posted in Mr. Knife in The Toaster blog a while back, i couldn't resist reposting this gem in Mutant Sounds. Besides as you all may have noticed ,this was one of my top wants. FDP were an Alien Brains/New Blockaders related band ,brainchild of the genious Richard Rupenus and Phil Sanderson .Music(?!) is NWW-ish Dada experiments .Later they became Bladder Flask. Wish someone has the other 2 FDP tapes and the Phil Sanderson "Dark Cuttings"from 1978. Thanks again Mr. Knife in The Toaster!

get this gem here


BreathAndTaxes said...


SenzuriChampion said...

oh wow dude looks super fucking cool

apesma said...

Superb music! But has anyone ever come across an original copy of this or any of the other Funeral Danceparty tapes? The copy pictured here is a bootleg version.

Anonymous said...

funeral danceparty and alien brains started separately.
philip sanderson was not behind funeral danceparty.
erik the viking

Alice Jones said...

Wow!!! The music is fantastic. I really enjoyed and played it many times. Awesome!!! Funeral dance party is so wonderful.