Sunday, November 9, 2008

96 Eyes - Raging Beauty,tape,1984,Germany/UK

Creative Tapes release cover
ICR release cover
Continuing the ICR label 80s tape releases hunt, here's a great tape by the German duo 96 Eyes. The tape was released both in Germany (Creative tapes, artwork by Stratis) and UK (ICR tapes). Instrumental minimal synth , with hints of cheapo Italo disco elements. Possibly the poppiest ICR release , but yet beautiful. Appears as i know in many minimal synth collectors wants lists.
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Unknown said...

totally loving this! the minimal synth/cheapo Italo hybrid usually makes for things of rare beauty. thanks!

sack lunch said...

Indeed very nice! Thanks

sack lunch said...

It's like a homemade, lovelorn Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Listened to the whole thing already and now I'm repeating it... I'm lost inside this album!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, thanks.

Anonymous said...

sorry to use this place for ask you more symphonic rarity :
The lps of german band
SIRIUS : Running to Paradise 1982 and The three bushes 1984 ?
it s more mainstream than the records you post usually but maybe you ' ll make an exception !
A thousand thanks !

polycy said...

absolutely incredible tape. the icr posts have almost all been amazing.

i did a 54 minute mix with "raging beauty" & "touch." you can get that here. thanks for the quality sounds.

maggie lee said...

oh, i love this !