Wednesday, November 5, 2008


With this tape, we complete the uploaded discography of this seminal 80's Aussie experimental rock outfit that featured noted electronic composer Paul Schutze, who's spectrally shaded instrumental post-punk-by-way-of-post-industrial constructs were effectively post rock before the genre existed. Interestingly though, while both LP's ("Ledge" and "Dog Photos") by them were very much of a shrouded and esoteric piece, the two tapes issued under their heading as well as the material they issued under the pseudonym The Invisible College tease out certain territories only hinted at on their vinyls. The material on EE, divided into subsections titled Vibrate, Scatter, Picture and Splinter spans the gap between "Nights"' atmospheric abstractions and The Invisible College's more forcefully driving and art rock-ish confections, each section highlighting a facet of their cumulative praxis, Vibrate foergrounding the rhythmically forceful dimension of their aesthetic as heard on the Invisible College material, Scatter proposing a more fractured and hermetic attack that carries a whiff of Can's ethnological forgeries, Splinter exploring the more nocturnal and mechanistic side of their nature and Picture setting it's sights on the cosmos with pore-penetrating widescreen tracts of alternately shearing and suspended krautrock-ish acid soundscaping that is perhaps the epiphanic peak of their whole discography. Thanks a million to Ben Lee for providing this treasure, the one bit of their discography I've been missing 'til now!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this gem... really appreciated!!
Is there any chance of re-upload L.H.'s "Dog Photos"??

Thanks again!