Sunday, November 9, 2008

Years on Earth-Site, tape,1982,UK

Wonderful electronic /experimental tape from the early 80s.Influences of early Clock DVA, early Cabaret Voltaire , Thomas Leer,Eyeless in Gaza are more than obvious. Also hints of experimental post punk DIY bands can be found.Atmospheres are dark claustrophobic, vocals are almost whisper, mucic sometimes scary.
An absolutely unknown gem!

Note: the label that originally issued this has been re-launched, as has this tape. Their online shop is Here
and their print catalog can be found Here

get it here


Anonymous said...

And thanks again. Totally unknown to me, till now! Fantastic music.
Johan NL

Anonymous said...

I am LOVING the Colin Potter stuff as of late, in fact all of the ICR stuff I've copied has been a real treat...I've always had a real soft spot for that bedroom electro whateveryoucallit of that era.
While you're digging through the box of old tapes, have you ever come across the Camberwell Now live cassette? That's something else I'd love to come across!!
Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

This one sounded a bit boring at first glance, also due to the muffled sound. I prefer music with song structures over sounds or soundscapes, and if you listen, this cassette has song structures. Not very obvious, but as you listen more intensively, they grow on you. Here is the angst factor known by early Cabaret Voltaire and early Snowy Red (like in Lies In Your Eyes). Thanks for helping this completely unknown gem does not get lost in time!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sound. This tape has a certain sparseness to it, that makes it uniquely eerie.

Thank you for another great post!

Anonymous said...

woooaaaaa I want more of this... well if that does exist :) you are a ἱεροφάντης ;) thank you.

Fred G. Sanford said...

ahh yes, COntext is everything.

I just heard the Rollink Stones singing "2000 Man" in the film BOTTLE ROCKET (OWEN C. WILSON, LUKE WILSON, ROB MUSGRAVE, JIMMY FALLON ?) and man it was great.

Anyway I'm linking to this.
This stuff is great for some moods.
As always, great blog.
..My Life

Anonymous said...

this is great stuff ,manny thanks

Exeter said...

Just heard of this band for the first time today, and here's something for me to check out! Thanks a lot!