Wednesday, November 5, 2008


On the heels of umpteen other albums that I've posted by Brume, the exceptional and long-lived experimental electronic project of of Frenchman Christian Renou, here's one more, this one's post here spurred on by the recent dialogs on the comment boards regarding Carl Howard's work as Nomuzic under which moniker he issued a raft of work during the salad days of 80's American experimental cassette culture, several evidently soon to be featured here. Things start off rather more glassy/glaze-y/synth-patchy than regular Brume listeners will be anticipating and in so doing, fail to collar the listener in a way that suggests that highly evocative work is to follow, but follow it does, events reaching their peak on those tracks where fusillades of reverbed rhythms concuss their way through malarial atmospherics toward the sort of constructivist ends Renou was pursuing circa his Standard, Permafrost and Battery Hen Sabotage CD's.

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litlgrey said...

Hey, sons and daughters of the bloggeriffic utopia!

It's me, Carl Howard. If the music you hear on this CD (recorded 1992, finally released 1997) turns you on, I still have a teeny tiny number of physical copies to sell.

If not - enjoy!

This kick-ass blog is always in my thoughts. Yo ho!!!