Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The first of three superb compilation LP's (the following two coming shortly) documenting the activities of one of France's cornerstone R.I.O./improv/new music festivals during their 80's heyday. Despite the presence of several high profile folks on hand (Fred Frith/Skeleton Crew, Etron Fou Leloublan and Pascal Comelade among them), several of the most auspicious bits here actually come courtesy of some of the criminally unheralded operatives of R.I.O.'s second and third wave, particularly the concisely percolating perigrinations of France's sensational Virgule IV and Dutch nutters The Remotobs (whose sister group Nine Tobs is featured elsewhere on M.S.); their cheerfully tumbling structural eccentricities and gruff but impish delivery having a distinct simpatico with the Downtown N.Y. sound posited by the likes of Curlew and No Safety circa the mid to late 80's.

Track listing:

The Remotobs-Big Be Big (Purely Pergative Blues)
Etron Fou Leloublan-Blanc
Joseph Racaille et L'Ensemble Guillaume De Rachaux-Trente Et Un
Fred Frith-Making Seek And Hide
Skeleton Crew-The Way Things Fall
Regular Music-Idyllic Rhythms (Part II)
Virgule IV-Trahi Ton Secret
Les Batteries-Post-Polar
Pascal Comelade et Le Bel Canto Orquestra-Chanson Pop
Pascal Comelade et Le Bel Canto Orquestra-Park Guell

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Dr Faustroll said...

Hello, thanks for this comp, i've started a blog at
Some comelade and underground french artists amongst other things
i'm adding you to my list

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Dr Faustroll

Brian said...

this is great. thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Nice to get a digital copy of this. I have the lp and the follow ups from '87 and '88, which have interesting stuff as well. The EFL track was included with CD reissue of En Public aux Etats Unis d'Amerique. Were there compilation recordings released from the festival after 1988?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I can't wait for the next two! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It´s a great album, thanks for sharing it.
Es un gran album, gracias por compartirlo.
I`ll be Waiting for the next two!!!!
Estaré esperando por los proximos dos.


Anonymous said...

thanx from urkenny