Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tamia-Tamia,1978+ Blues For Pedro Arcanjo (with Perre Favre),1983,LPs,France

The first Tamia LP appeared long ago in Thunderperfectmind's blog( who seems to be inactive for a long while,pity!),but i thought it is a good idea to post it here. It was presented there as Senza Tempo ;but it was wrong,this is her forst self titled LP. The other one presented here is her 1983 collaboration with Pierre Favre. Vocal experimentation all through in the Meredith Monk way,but ,imho, much more esoteric and darker.I love both those 2 would be nice though to hear Senza Tempo too.
for those not yet grabbed those , get the s/t Tamia LP here 
New link for Blues For Pedro Arcanjo coming soon


Anonymous said...

The first TAMIA is an interesting, disturbing listening.
Maybe is the one that Stapleton intended on his 1st NWW list (the one without titles of the record), because the second Tamia act, mentioned on the complete nww list, the still missing "Senza Tempo", dates 1981.
I hope sooner or later this will appear here on this great blog too!
thanks, yours Poseur, Rome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this! Would you have a back cover scan of the Tamia LP?

Anonymous said...

I love this Tamia and Pierre Favre collaboration. Without your blog I would never have known about it. Thanks and keep up the good work!