Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Schwamm documents a formative moment in the history of the contempo Cologne electronica scene thats been promulgated by labels like A-Musik, Sonig and Gefreim and which has over the years gifted the world with the extraordinary likes of Mouse On Mars, Schlammpeitziger, Sack & Blumm and F.X. Randomiz among others, all these and other core personnel of this musical culture represented herein. Issued back during a transitional period when the artists involved we're more aligned with the post-industrial culture associated with the label Odd Size, the sense of aesthetics coalescing is pretty apparent here, some of the parties involved being still in their baby steps moments during this era (Schlammpeitziger, whom I normally adore in particular), but elsewhere, there's a wealth of desirable sounds to be found, especially on side B which goes from strength to strength, from the submerged Moebius-like lope of D.B. H.'s Randomiz-remixed "Slug" to Randomiz's own stunning contribution, "Dotter", a preternaturally prescient construction of bolt spitting pressurized mechanisms that sounds recorded last week and shows his fevered imagination already fully formed at this early date. That said, the highlight here might just be the track by Masters Cosmic Music, whose split LP with Schlammpeitziger I've previously posted: a bit of groggy and smeared sequence-pulsed insanity that sounds like Picky Picnic being sucked through Monoton's low-pass filter.

Track listing:

Schlammpeitziger-Brot Fur Atemnot
Jan Werner-Halbloch
Thrasier-Illegal Launch Found (Randomiz-mix)
Georg Odijk-Bovenbank
Zen Faschisten-Lisa
Marcus Schmickler-Lupo
Dies Duene Blad-Clear The Air
D.B.H.-Slug-141 BPM-(Randomiz-mix)
Frank Dommert & Jan Werner-3,6,9,12,Karneval
Fata Gaga-Bangladesh Burns
F.X. Randomiz-Dotter
Master's Cosmic Music-Cosmic Constructor
Joseph Suchy-12
Gereon Kaikuhl-Tulips
Sack-Mama Mir Ist Heiss

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Anonymous said...

:D I'm really looking forward it! I'd reall liked Ganz Einfach, I hope it's as much good as it was! I'd like to ask you: don't you have the EP of Spions called The Russian way of life/Total was produced by Robin Scott and was released in France (just like there second EP The Party, wich I've seen you've already posted). If you're interested in it I think I can send you a link to their first demo, which they made in Hungary in 1977 or 78. Crazy minimal punk (only two gituar and voice). The only problem is that: most of the lyrics are in hungarian.
Thank's forward! I'm long to hear that EP!

Anonymous said...

That was great! It was nice...Totally different as Ganz Einfach, but really good.

Anonymous said...

I knew you guys would eventually post this! I've been looking for this compilation for years. Thank you!

Obama is elected and mutant-sounds shares Schwamm: what a day!

Anyone have Jan St Werner's cassette releases from around this time? Specifically, "Der Zufall Der Strahlen," "Hauptmaße Für Elektrogeschirr" and "Übersteuerungsmomente & Schallverteilungen."

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