Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Installment number two in our trio of wonderful MIMI festival documents and perhaps my favorite of the set, side B in particular being a veritable feast of R.I.O. riches, beginning with one of the finer efforts from the post V-Effect downtown NY unit Fish And Roses, (whose debut E.P. I posted a little while back) and continuing on with a rip snorting live version of "La Chute De La Maison Usher" by the Quebecois all-star R.I.O. outfit Les Quatre Guitaristes De L'Apocalypso-Bar followed by a brilliant little bonbon of sly capering and tootling from organist Jo Thirion's post-Etron Fou Leloublan unit Art Moulu (their debut coming in my next round of posts) and a raw and garrulous burst of lopsided R.I.O. from one Die Schwindler, a group I don't recall running across anywhere else and one that I'd be fascinated to know anything at all about.

Track listing:

After Dinner-The Room Of Hair Mobile
Cassiber-Orpheus Mirror/I Tried To Reach You
Fish And Roses-Raisins
Le Quatre Guitaristes De L'Apocalypso-Bar-La Chute De La Maison Usher
Art Moulu-Corriges De Lecture
Die Schwindler-Neues Vom Hexer

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Anonymous said...

A true beauty indeed. Every single second of this set is just awesome.

Hope for more of Cassiber live.

Many thanks!

steveo said...

Hey hey! Thanks for this, really love Cassiber. I have some VanZyl tapes i'd like to send your way, but can't figure out where/how? HELP

mutantsounds said...

Hello Steveothanks for your good words.Concerning VanZyl tapes please contact me by e-mail (
thanks again
Jim Mutantsounds

Anonymous said...

Great compilation, thanks.

Anonymous said...

For a-g, you may have already seen this, but if not it will be a treat. It's a prime slice of live Cassiber.

I struck up a conversation with the German actor Ernst Stotzner at the Knitting Factory bar during NMA 1989. Stotzner was in NY to perform in Heiner Goebbels Man in the Elevator, and he also appears, along with Dagmar, on the Goebbels & Harth Zeit Wird Knapp recording of their Brecht settings. Anyway, we got to talking and at one point he said with a kind of awe that no matter where he ventured around the world he always encountered fans of Cassiber.

Nice to get this compilation digitally. I expect '88 will be on the horizon? There's also a nice cassette from the '88 festival of the afternoon open stage improvs with Frith, Ferdinand, Tenko, Pierre Bastien, Amy Denio, et al.

Turns out there was a compilation lp released for the 1989 Mimi as well, but I've never seen it.

Anonymous said...

thanx frum urkenny