Wednesday, November 19, 2008

George Garside - New Land,1986+Mind over Matter,1987,tapes,UK

Following my previous post of George Garside 's first tape , Oasis, here are presented his 2nd and 3rd respectively.More floating space electronics here in the Berlin school tradition but with a more homemade approaching. If you liked his first one you would love these!
get them here and here


Anonymous said...

I loooooove all these cosmic tapes posted here recently. Mutant sounds is grand!
Was wondering if you have any of the following:

Philippe Guerre (Cristal & Concerto pour la mort d'un clown)
any of the old Purfoze tape
Konrad Kucz (his older releases, which I think are not available anymore)

Anonymous said...


if you're interested in Purfoze, i do have a live recording of them ! There is a c.d. of them too.


Peter Kessels