Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cohelmec Ensemble- Hippotigris zebra zebra , LP, 1971, France (NWW list!)

Small-combo post-psychedelic jazz record, with vibes/piano/harpsichord, alto sax/flute, double bass and percussion. Released around 1970 on the Saravah label, the free-styled compositions are reminiscent of both the ESP-DISK classics of the early 60s, and late-period Coltrane. The Cohelmec Ensemble made several other records, including the album Next and several live recordings, with varying personnel. Jean Cohen, the reed player on this album, is the "Jean Cohen-Solal" who's also named individually on the NWW List.
Jean Cohen (Solal): sax tenor, alto, soprano
Evan Chandlee : Clarinette basse, flϋte, piccolo
Dominique Elbaz : piano, clavecin
Francois Mιchali : contrebasse
Jean Louis Mechali : batterie, vibraphone


musicgnome said...

It's as if you are looking at my impossible to find/wishlist and filling one after another, after another, etc....

It's dizzying.

brian h said...

wild and wonderful! thanks!

Solomon said...

Thank you.