Monday, January 29, 2007

A kind request

Please when writing comments about a record mention for which one you are reffering to.It's very hard for me to answer to all since when i moderate them i cannot see in which post they reffer to.If your comment is a general one ,there's no need to mention the post.
Thank you very much


Anonymous said...

hi, mutant sounds!

i had the same problem and always thought - why blogger don't direct me to the post where the comments were written... well, if you receive an e-mail whenever one comments, there's a link in the mail that directs directly to the post. hope that helps.

thanks for your great work here - especially the first hans-a-plast (only have their cd, a compilation from their 3 records) - and grazie also for the 'malfatti + wittwer'. i always thought - what the hell is this nww-list so many are talking about... i googled it, and hey: nurse with wounds issued a huge list with outside-musicians/groups/composers... there you go ;)


Anonymous said...

This is a general comment: thank you. I think I can probably speak for a number of people who visit this site regularly in saying that your collection is staggering. I dropped by from FM Shades, and found so much rare and impossible-to-find stuff in one place that I could hardly believe it.

I (we) really appreciate the effort you put into your blog, and your generosity in sharing it with the rest of us. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I am just now reading your post about 'a kind request'. The Moral tapes posted are absolutely wonderful! From bromley with love is simply amazing! One of the best compilations I have heard. Crawling Chaos is the lattest wonder to blow my mind. I am still trying to take much in. Many thanks!