Monday, January 29, 2007

Michel Portal - Our meanings and our feelings, LP, 1969,France, (NWW list!)

Born in 1935 in Bayonne, France, reedman Michel Portal has the unique position of being one of the architects of modern European jazz and having a hand in some of the most significant shifts in modern classical music. Portal, along with pianist Francois Tusques, trumpeter Bernard Vitet, drummer Charles Saudrais and tenorman Barney Wilen, embraced and expanded upon the innovations of Ornette, Cecil, Coltrane and Shepp as part of the nascent French free jazz movement. In addition to leading and co-leading groups with Leon Francioli, Pierre Favre, Joachim Kuhn and Barre Phillips throughout the '70s, Portal was a central figure in post-Cageian open-form classical music. With trombonist-composer Vinko Globokar, pianist-composer Carlos Roque Alsina and percussionist Jean-Pierre Drouet, Portal and New Phonic Art worked with Stockhausen, Maruicio Kagel and Luciano Berio among others - figuring importantly in Stockhausen's From the Seven Days compositional cycle.

Another rare gem from the NWW list!


musicgnome said...

There was a time, not so long ago, when I thought I had a REALLY decent music collection.

That time is officially fini.

Anonymous said...

Mutantsounds, I don't really care about the Nurse with Wound list, but it the list makes you post something whicked like THIS ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE GREAT Michel Portal, I'll change my meaning and praise the NWW-list ;)

Thanks a lot, I love Portal, and I thank you a hell lotta times for ripping and sharing this!

Cheers -- Lucky

Discobole said...

This Lp is so great and so rare that it would deserve to be posted in lossless format. Would it be possible?
Thanks beforehand

brian h said...

mutant sounds continues to amaze me!

thanks once again.

SonceGrib said...

Thanks! Really Great Freejazz Composer!!