Tuesday, January 30, 2007

V/A- Welcome to Norwich ,a Fine city, LP ,UK,1981

This time the compilation NORWICH, A FINE CITY. It's a Norwich city local bands compilation from 1980. Only 500 pressed. This is ripped from the original vinyl. Bands incuded are: Higsons, Screen 3, Capitalist music, Mohair twins....It is consider as one of the best compilations that came out from the local UK DIY scene. It is very rare(exchanging hands for 100-150 euro).
Tracklist(purple colour for band names):
1. Plan 9 from outer space - The Happy Few
2. My love is bent (at both ends) - Higsons
3. Live and learn - Screen 3
4. Railway sex - Mohair Twins
5. Little games - Panic Parade
6. Learning to smile - Clynics
7. Jane's gone to France - Capitalist Music
8. Shades of black - Screen 3
9. Eastern exercise - Clynics
10. Five Hawian Bullets - Mohair Twins
11. Ultimate Sanction - Happy Few
12. Blue light brigade - Panic Parade
13. We will never grow old - Higsons
14. Do you really love that girl - Capitalist Music


Mike said...

I used to live here, but I don't remember any of these decent groups. Thanks for the posts and a great blog.

Anonymous said...

This is a great album 27 years later I still find myself humming Jane's gone to France or Learning to smile as I'm driving or doing the washing up - thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for posting this excellent but hard to find music, you made my day!

Anonymous said...

I have been sorting out my vinyl collection for the car boot sale and came across an empty album cover for Norwich a Fine City. I was delighted to download this album and whilst I listened in some trepidation that my memories of the Higsons and Screen3 might have become blurred over time, but no it is still a fantastic album! You have made my day. Simon

Anonymous said...

Blimey yes. I can only agree with the previous comment. This has made my day too. I loved the Happy Few and saw them and Screen 3 countless times at the Gala Ballroom in Norwich. The Railway Twins tracks are great too. Some of the others I can recall less clearly. This suggests much stylus lifting I suspect. Every student house in Norwich had one of these in 1982 ? Were there really only 500 ?

Anonymous said...

I was a member of Screen 3 and we personally put inserts about ourselves into each copy. I believe the pressing ran to about 970 copies. This odd number was a common phenomenon apparently. Though 1000 would be ordered, you'd only get however many the pressing plant managed to squeeze out of a measured 'lump' of molten vinyl.

time warner cable said...

BRILLIANT tunes, thank you. though is the sound funny on this rip--or is that how the vinyl was?

Anonymous said...

Listening again I must say this is one of the best post punk compilations imho. But why the many dropouts? This album is worth digitizing again without harsh crackle suppressions or else, would you consider this? Thank you in advance!

GraemeSTL said...

Hi, although this album may not be in line for a new link, I have to agree with the last couple of comments - the music does seem to have lots of little dropouts - loss of data in the files which makes it sound like the tracks are skipping. Would it be possible to re-rip the album some time please? Keep up the brilliant work!