Saturday, January 27, 2007

Reifenstahl - Die Wunderwaffe , LP, 1981, Germany

Gerd Gaida and Matthias Rapp pose as a duo on the cover (a typical NDW approach), and play all instruments on the record, though additional members of Croox sound as if they may well be involved on some tracks. After all, like jazz players, it was not uncommon for members to drift in and out of various groups during the highly versatile post-punk era, especially in the experimental Düsseldorf scene, circa 1980. Reifenstahl's Die Wunderwaffe LP was the sixth release on Ink Records, 1981. Their Residents inspired chaos can be heard on these this LP.
From Mein Walkman Ist Kaputt blog post in May 2006.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! A tracklist is hard to find. Can you help?

Anonymous said...

A couple of days ago I sent this comment :

"About the Reifenstahl upload : the last 2 songs are the same song ...and the order of songs is confusing.
I checked on the net the original LP track listing which is like this (12 tracks) :

1. One Two /
2. Die Wunderwaffe /
3. Der Wüstenfuchs /
4. Epilog /
5. Space Invaders /
6. Zerbröckelnde Gesellschaftsstrukturen
7. Bonanza /
8. Intellektuell /
9. Reumütige Raumfahrer /
10. Tritt bitte nicht auf mein Glas /
11. Je T'Air /
12. Ich denke oft an dich

Can you fix this little confusion ?
Anyway, I must thank you for the music you are giving us. "


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is starting to piss me off. I do appreciate that these records are here for us to enjoy without having to shell out $175.00 for an LP. But, most of these posts are incomplete. Really, really disappointing. There are countless MP3 sites that share contemporary top 40 crap-rock, that you can buy in any wal-mart in America, for free, with no mistakes, complete track-listings, etc.! And here we have records that are incredibly rare, collectors items, records that we will probably never be able to obtain, and the posts are screwed up! So sad. I hate record collector assholes and their hoarding bullshit. Don't post the record at all if you don't want to share the wealth with us peasants! Have a kind heart and post all of the tracks with a track-listing. Sure, some of us just want to download the music so that we can own a copy, but that is not a crime! It is only a crime when we try to sell it as a CDR, or if the record is still in print. Most of these records aren't in print, so the bands won't see any money anyway! Share! Share!

mutantsounds said...

dear inpolite anonymous(of course)...i have this in mind with this record along with comments for some other(very few)....and i will fix these posts as soon as i have spare time....don't judge me or others here or anywhere ,we do this without any obligation,without having anything to earn but only the pleasure for sharing and exchange patient...if you don't and you want it right here right now (although you have been waiting years to find it)then why don't you pay to get it as you mentioned above....we have personal lives also not only blog life be thankfull for what you get and be sure that all "bugs" will be fixed as soon as possible...kindly

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
So i have this record. I want to sell it as i don't listen to it. I can confirm the above tracklisting is correct.
The last track: ICH DENKE OFT DICH is a live version.
The album comes with a INK RECORDS insert with graphic design and listing the INK RECORDS:
INK 001

INK 003

INK 004

INK 005

INK 006

INK 007

My copy is as near as mint as can be and i am not sure ebay is the place to sell it.
So if any1 is intersted give me an email: and we can talk. Or post here.

Anonymous said...

Message to blog admin.
If you need any verification like a scan, mp3 ect send me an email.
I collect disco and soul so i have no use of this record.

tanmarukomu said...

Just to help clear up the naming / tagging situation on this post. The sides appear to have been confused so all of the track numbering is incorrect. Also, some of the tracks lack separation, so the 12 tracks from the album are in 10 files only. There are two other tracks from a different source. I've spent a couple of hours on this and as far as I can tell, the tracks should be like this:

Reifenstahl-Wunderwaffe-A1 .mp3 > 08. Intellektuell
Reifenstahl-Wunderwaffe-A2 .mp3 > 09. Reumütige Raumfahrer
Reifenstahl-Wunderwaffe-A3 .mp3 > 10-11. Tritt Bitte Nicht Auf Mein Glas / Je T' Air (Ich Dich Luft)
Reifenstahl-Wunderwaffe-A4 .mp3 > 12. Ich Denke Oft An Dich (Live Version)
Reifenstahl-Wunderwaffe-B1 .mp3 > 01. One Two
Reifenstahl-Wunderwaffe-B2 .mp3 > 02. Die Wunderwaffe
Reifenstahl-Wunderwaffe-B3 .mp3 > 03. Der Wüstenfuchs
Reifenstahl-Wunderwaffe-B4 .mp3 > 04. Epilog
Reifenstahl-Wunderwaffe-B5 .mp3 > 05-06. Space Invaders / Zerbröckelnde Gesellschaftsstrukturen
Reifenstahl-Wunderwaffe-B6 .mp3 > 07. Bonanza

The two extra tracks:
"reifenstahl-je tair (ich hab dich luft).mp3" comes as a rip from a different source. It's from the compilation album Teutonic Disaster.
"Reifenstahl-Wunderwaffe-letztes Lied.mp3" is also from a different (unknown) source. The title is "Letztes Lied".
Hope that helps.

tanmarukomu said...

Juast a quick follow-up to my previous comment. "Letztes Lied (Last Song" is 07. Bonanza, but with some backward speech at the end which is missing from the original rip.