Thursday, January 25, 2007

Strafe Fur Rebellion : same , LP, 1982 , Germany (Pure Freude label)

Strafe fur Rebellion is Bernd Kastner and Siegfried Syniuga.
The first LP by these pioneers of German experimenta/industrial music.This LP is a masterpiece following the steps of HNAS and NWW in a more "poppy" yet dark way.
Released in 1982 with as 12 " LP + 7" single.


Anonymous said...

Post More SFR, please (If You have)!

... have You?

Anonymous said...

I have only their "Moor" and "Oechsle" on CD

Bongoman said...

Hi, I searched for this since several years! I'd like to listen to it, but the archive seems to be damaged. Any help? May I contact you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Interesting remaster of first track on this record here:

tetsu-o said...

so, where is link? dammit.