Saturday, January 27, 2007

V/A:We couldn't agree on a title, LP, UK 1981, Intergrated circut record

Colin Potter - Behind You
Colin Potter - We Are So Glad
Missing Persons - Buried Alive
Missing Persons - Mama
Missing Persons - Electrical Storm
The Instant Automatons - Routine Habit
The Instant Automatons - Invertebrates
The Walking Floors - If I Could Turn The Clock Back
The Victims Of Romance - 9 AM
The Digital Dinosaurs - Organs
The Digital Dinosaurs - Hole
Robert Lawrence - Heart Finds A Home
Those Little Aliens - Sentimental
Those Little Aliens - Low Point X
Mic Woods - Why
The 012 - Blabber 'n' Smoke
Philip Johnson - The Bridewell
Philip Johnson - Anaesthetic (changed version)

This compilation followed the Angst in my pants e.p., as it does here:)
Magnificent songs,DIY/miniml synth masterpieces here!


Anonymous said...

Colin Potter ( ICR mainman) collaborates closely with NWW/Stapleton & D,Tibet/C93 these days.

Cheers SCM

Anonymous said...

thank you. a rare and good record

sam said...

please, can you put a link for this?