Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Strange,yet excellent, diy/minimal synth/wave sampler LP from 1984 with original insert.Released on AAZ RECORDS in Leeds.
Bands : Party Day / The Sinister Cleaners / The Marvelous Roofs / Len Liggins / The Chorus / Andrew Middleton / Two s Company / Nick Toczek / Victims of romance / Clive Tylor.


musicgnome said...

For the record, I am downloading EVERY one of these albums. I just don't have anything of worth to say except "THANKS" & "Totally looking forward to hearing this" (which may take a while with the number of new-to-times you've shared)

Anonymous said...

Listening to this now. Great stuff! Do you know anything more about 'The Chorus?' With their generic name, it makes it hard to find anything on them online. Anyway, 'Barbarossa' is a fantastic track.

Thanks, as always!

Anonymous said...

Just done a little more digging...

These bands are very closely related. John Parkes ( http://www.johnparkes.com/index.html ) was in The Chorus and The Sinister Cleaners, and he owns AAZ Records, which is still going.

There's a bit more info on The Chorus here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Smith
and on John's site. Apparently, 'half of them left to join The Wedding Present.'

A 7" on AAZ Records is mentioned - 'These Stones/Diamond Mine.'

Anonymous said...

'78-'82 are the golden years....after that it's all downhill.....9/10 of this is durge

SonceGrib said...

Thanks! Great Bands!!!