Friday, January 26, 2007

Deux Filles - Silence and Wisdom, LP , 1982, France/UK

This obscure album from the French due Gemini Forque and Claudine Coule includes some contributions by Matt Johnson, although how much he contributed to this album, I have no idea. The music has been described as "Vini Reilly meets the Cocteau Twins" and "what Brian Eno might do if he recorded on 4AD". I've also heard that even though the liner notes tell you this album is performed by two women, it is actually the two men that make up the driving force behind The Gadgets. Specifically, Colin Lloyd Tucker is part of the duo, who is probably the only person out of The Gadgets that Matt actually liked.
Released through Papier Mache [PULP31] in France ,1982.
A dreamy record!One of my top 50 all time favorites from the early 80s scene!


Anonymous said...

the story behind this one reminds me a little of the Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey 'scam"
In both cases the music is rather good though....

Anonymous said...

great post.. love this album... have you got their double happiness lp too?



Anonymous said...

its also like harmonia meets mark springer's impressionistic piano on the blue blue third.

/Jörg, Sweden said...

A link that works (Feb. 14, 2021):

/J, Sweden