Friday, January 26, 2007

Modern Art - Age of lights, tape, UK (mid 80s, year unknown!)

This is a tape of unknown year of release,perfect minimal synth wave.he Modern Art (sometimes spelled Mødern Art) was a psychedelic rock band formed by Gary Ramon in the 1980s. It had a loose lineup that never played gigs but did see the release of two studio albums and a number of self-produced cassettes. Ramon disbanded the group out of a desire "to make a more live-sounding group that could go out and play". Many Modern Art members subsequently joined Ramon in various incarnations of his new band, Sun Dial.

any infos will be appreciated!


Unknown said...

The Modern Art (1984-1989)
Cassette Releases

1984 Underwater Kites (Acid Tapes TAB005)

1985 Oriental Towers (Acid Tapes TAB006)

1985 Dimension of Noise (Self Released)

1985 Modern Artefact no.1 (2-track cassette in A5 plastic wallet)

1986 Modern Artefact No. 2

1986 Age of lights (Independance, Germany)

1986 Pastel Sunrise

1986 Souvenir (with the Cleaners from Venus)

1987 Living in the Distortion Parade

1987 Modern Art (with Opera Multi Steel)

1988 Collectors Item

1988 Guitars on Fire

1988 Full Tilt at the Chocolate Factory

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