Friday, February 13, 2009


This brief and difficult to locate live E.P. stands as the last extant documentation of ex-Lard Free/Catalogue mastermind Gilbert Artman's monumental Urban Sax ensemble (2001's 4-man Quad Sax retooling of the concept exempted), and the gorgeous commingling of Gamelan percussion's otherworldly timbres with the preternatural drama of Artman's massed sax drones and wordless operatic vocals on this live document is really something to behold, though the more dulcet tones of Artman's vision circa this era might surprise some, it's more restrained (if no less hauntingly lovely) manifestation here suggesting a mid-ground between late-model Art Zoyd, Mikel Rouse Broken Consort and Philip Glass' score for Mishima. Thanks to an anonymous blog contributor for this!

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wightdj said...

A beauty, thanks.

peskypesky said...

ah, yes...this is really really nice...I've heard some Urabn Sax before, but tdno't remember liking it as much as this release. too bad it's so short, as i could listen to music like this for hours...thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this one. I've been looking for it for years!!

I don't suppose you have Urban Sax '93?

Regardless, mega-thanks for this one. Likewise for the John Livengood and all of the other fabulous music you Mutants are posting.

Keep up the awesome work.


Anonymous said...

A friend has just sent me to your site and I already love it! I cant believe that I would eventually stumble across this fabulous band again. I saw them in Munich, Germany in the nineties and it was a truely unforgettable experience. In that time I saw 2-3 concerts every week and Urban Sax at Alabamahalle still counts among the top 10 at least.

Thank you very very much for your work and of course for this post!