Sunday, February 15, 2009

Elephant Patch -st,LP,1979,USA

Very strange sounding late 70s private psych release. Floating psych music blended with a wonderfull female voice reminding a mixture of Grace Slick with Bonnie Raitt.No more infos available.

as requested, get it here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering the psyck&prog folks

killeeerrr blog!

icastico said...

Thanks as always.

Anonymous said...

The woman behind this is still at it - - and perhaps we've all met her at one time or another...

ufo said...

Good Stuff!
i wouldn't necessarily call it 'floating psych'... more folk oriented in my book.
Still....good, unique vocals.
Go to her Myspace page and read....a real character!

lajso said...

Thanks, but I need the tracklist...Anyone?

Anonymous said...

1 - Racin With The Rain
2 - Gentle One
3 - French Tickler
4 - Dorothy/The Jaybird Song
5 - Roll It Over/Lady Sara
6 - The Elephant Song

Tracklist taken from

Anonymous said...

Many thankx for this fantastic record. Great.

popheaven said...

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. said...

Hello, Thanks.
Can you please post something by the taj mahal travellers? By the way this is one of the best blog ive been into. Keep it up!.

Anonymous said...

Gongratulations for your blog and your ABSOLUTE MARVELLOUS posts. I cannot help visiting you every day. A request: the compilation "Making Waves - A Collection Of 12 Womens Bands From The UK" from 1981 that came out in cooperation with Rough Trade. I remember the Androids of Mu song. Is it a difficult request for you?
Best Wishes
Vasilis, Athens, Greece

Anonymous said...

Thankx for this super rare record. Great music in this unknow album for me.

display said...

Never in doubt, you guys are the absolute best at what you do. Thanks for it all.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly good private press, but (chiming in with others here), not particularly "psych" in my book (are we that hungry for previously uncovered rare psych records that we'll call a vanity pressing country rock record "psych"?)

annzup57 said...

Thanks folks. Quite honestly, we didn't know WTF we were doing in 1979. Just cutting an album: sumpin to do. But I am still writing, recording and performing:


E. Ann Powell aka Ethel-Ann